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What can a pop superstar teach the wild-haired 53-year-old frontman of one of the world’s biggest psych rock acts?

Wayne Coyne has been at the helm of Oklahoma City’s Flaming Lips since 1984. At 22, Miley Cyrus is a toddler by comparison, a former teen idol who rose to fame via Disney series Hannah Montana.

But the unlikely partnership has spawned matching tattoos, general debauchery and an ostentatious track-for-track remake of the Beatles’ 1967 classic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

An elder statesman showing a bright young thing the ropes wouldn’t be anything new, but, as Coyne puts it: “I think I get more from it than her.”

It’s 3.40am on December 3, and he has just landed in Miami Beach.

Coyne is there to play for Tommy Hilfiger at some fancy hotel as part of Art Basel – “one big party” masquerading as an international art show.

The next evening’s show – a party hosted by art dealer Jeffrey Dietch – will feature Miley Cyrus tackling some ‘rock classics’ before the Flaming Lips join her onstage for ‘four or five songs’.

Coyne then intends to spend a few days enjoying Miami Beach, pop star companion probably in tow.

The Lips are no strangers to glitz and glamour – the band have flirted with more established mainstream attention throughout their time in the industry.

After signing to Warner Brothers in 1993, they bizarrely performed breakout track She Don’t Use Jelly on Beverly Hills 90210.

“You know, I’ve never been a big fan of alternative music, but these guys rocked the house,” says one character off screen.

On the face of it, the Lips and Cyrus are a similarly unlikely team.

“Anyone who meets her will tell you she’s f***ing crazy,” says Coyne. “We’re not really open to working with anyone else as much as with her.

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She’s just being Miley – and she’s tired of all the rumors!

Miley Cyrus took to Instagram this week to clear up several reports that claim the 22-year-old is headed down a dark and troubled path.

Never one to hold back her feelings, the ‘Adore You’ singer got all kinds of sassy while setting the record straight, first calling out Life and Style for a recent cover story they released that boasted the headline “Pregnant and Forced Into Rehab” on top of a photo of the singer.

Cyrus uploaded a screenshot of the magazine cover, sarcastically captioning it, “those 3 days I was off Instagram I got pregnant and went to rehab. I was am super busy sorry guys. I know how much you missed my edits.”

But, she didn’t stop there!

The songstress, who is currently dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, uploaded several memes that dubbed her both an alcoholic and a drug addict. One meme features a pic of Miley from the 2010 premiere of The Last Song alongside a screenshot from a recent Instagram video she shared. In large black letters, the meme reads: “before and after drugs.”

Miley combated the accusatory pic, typing “Miley cake face, 500 extensions and on a red carpet VS 0 make up, short hurr don’t care at home #drugaddict #alcoholic” as her caption.

But, Miley decided to fight hate with love in the caption for another cruel meme she shared which features the word “drugs” in large red capital letters above a photo of Cyrus that also calls her “ugly.” Miley wrote, “That awkward moment when your heart is full of hate and the only way you know how to deal with it is hating others as much as you hate yourself …. Try painting … It helped me a lot with my anger.”

Miley’s not the only one defending herself though. Cody Simpson came to the former Disney star’s defense during an exclusive interview with ETonline’s Katie Krause this week.

“Miley’s becoming a really great mate,” the Australian singer shared, adding, “She’s definitely at heart a very sweet, normal girl from Nashville.”

Cody, who spent time with Miley and Patrick last week, continued praising his pal, explaining, “We were spending time out at her ranch in Nashville last week and I’m like ‘why do people say these things?’ She’s just like the coolest chick.”


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Miley Cyrus is continuing her support of the “Free the Nipple” campaign and film by contributing a song to the film’s soundtrack. Today (Dec. 15), the Bangerz singer’s cover of Melanie Safka’s “Look What They’ve Done to My Song, Ma” arrived online, and it’s a whole new side of the outrageous pop star.

“Look what they’ve done to my brain, ma / Look what they’ve done to y brain / They picked it like a chicken bone / And they think I’m half-insane, ma / Look what they’ve done to my brain, ma,” Cyrus sings softly, giving the song an old school rock ‘n’ roll feel, which is exactly what the film was going for.

“It’s more rock ‘n’ roll,” Free The Nipple’s director Lina Esco told Variety in November. “It’s very Johnny Cash. Her voice is so raw, and the song is so raw.”

Indeed, there is a different side of Cyrus showcased here. She took the 1971 single and gave it a soft, subtle makeover. With a bit of a reggae beat behind her, Cyrus’s voice blends into the mix, giving the track a dissonant, fuzzy and vintage feel.

Listen to Miley Cyrus’s cover of “Look What They’ve Done to My Song” below:

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Miley Cyrus has worried fans by posting a series of bizarre pictures showing a gash on her wrist.

The outrageous singer, who is known for some strange stunts, looked seriously sad as she posed for a selfie in a hospital gown.

With her blonde hair swept to one side and a massive pout on her face, Miley was clearly unhappy with her new look, saying: “The gown is sooooo hipster”

The sad selfie prompted one fan to say: “What happened to her?”, with another saying: “Why is she in hospital?”

Their questions appeared to be answered as Miley began posting a series of stomach-turning pics showing a large gash on her wrist.

Miley seemed to make light of the situation by digitally inserting pictures in the wound – including one of pop crooner Justin Bieber. Hmmm.

The pop princess had earlier posted a snap showing her relaxing on a bed with a bandage on her wrist.

The 22-year-old showed no signs of health troubles as she partied at the Jeremy Scott and Moschino Party earlier this week in a neon pink and green mesh oufit.


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While Maria Shriver may not be a big fan of her son Patrick Schwarzenegger dating Miley Cyrus, the couple’s friends are all for it!

Recently, Cody Simpson had the chance to hang with the duo down in Nashville and dished some secrets about their romance behind-the-scenes and away from all the cameras and paparazzi.

“We met up in Miami for Art Basel and we all just met up down there,” he explained in an interview with E! News.

“Coincidentally, we were all going to Nashville at the same time, so we all flew to Nashville together and chilled on a nice ranch out there, ride around on quads and have nice campfires and it was fun couple days.”

So after hanging out with them a few times now (they also were spotted together at Miley’s 22nd birthday bash last month), what does he think of the odd pairing?

“I think that’s what’s cool,” he says, giving his stamp of approval. “I think opposites attract.”

And speaking of lovebirds, Simpson also opened up a bit about his on-and-off girlfriend Gigi Hadid, saying things are “amazing” despite reports that they split over the summer.

So how does he plan to shower her in love this holiday season?

“I haven’t [gotten a gift] yet. I got time. I know her pretty well, I know what to do,” he explains. “Plus she likes everything I get her, even though she does have a lot. I think what means the most to her…she likes letters and stuff like that and I like to write songs so I’ll probably go down that route. I like to give things money cannot buy. I think those are the most precious.”

Awww! What a lil’ charmer he is!


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Miley Cyrus is NOT pregnant, and she’s NOT being forced into rehab, despite a repellent story from an untrustworthy tabloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report, which appears on the cover of Life & Style, an outlet that lied last month when it first alleged Cyrus was expecting a baby and continues to spread falsehoods.

According to the magazine, “Miley fears she could be forced into rehab — while carrying [Patrick Schwarzenegger’s] baby.” A so-called “source” tells Life & Style, “Her period is late. Miley gave up drinking and smoking pot for a few weeks because of it, but she’s having a hard time saying ‘No.’ Some people believe that she’d need professional help to stay sober for nine months.”

Life & Style first returns to its 100 percent false premise that Cyrus had a positive pregnancy test in October. That is a total fabrication, just like it was a total fabrication when Life & Style said Cyrus was pregnant way back in April. Life & Style should not have the luxury of falsely claiming Cyrus is pregnant over and over again without being held accountable for getting it WRONG.

This week, the tabloid adds Cyrus’ partying to the mix, fretting that it “doesn’t mix well” with motherhood. The Life & Style insider says Schwarzenegger “has suggested Miley check into rehab to get her issues under control.” Then the magazine talks to a random “addiction expert” who’s had no contact with Cyrus but feels free to comment on her imaginary situation, explaining, “Basically, you’re treating two people. The child inside of the mother is going to go through some kind of stress withdrawing from drugs, just like the mom. It could be harmful.”

Life & Style is suggesting there’s a drug-addicted fetus inside Miley Cyrus right now. Life & Style has repeatedly proven that it knows nothing about what’s happening with Cyrus, and has somehow sunk even lower. A rep for Cyrus tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the latest report is “more lies.”


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It feels like just yesterday Miley Cyrus dropped her coming-of-age opus Bangerz and twerked into our hearts and playlists. And it looks like the superstar is already hard at work on its follow-up.

Super-producer Mike Will Made It—a.k.a. the dude responsible for “We Can’t Stop” and other LP standouts like “Maybe You’re Right” and “SMS (Bangerz)” featuring Britney Spears—gave an interview with Noisey where he offered a little insight into Miley’s upcoming disc.

According to the writer, Mike Will revealed Miley’s already six songs deep into her next album. The star has been recording vocals at her home with beats that he sends her. The writer adds that the tracks sound “like country Lana Del Rey backed by a choir, except it’s Miley pouring her heart out.”

If we base that statement off of Miley’s twangy cover of “Summertime Sadness” from last year, then this album is already shaping up to be quite incredible.

Earlier this week, Miley gave the first taste of her upcoming material via a live performance of somber new track “Twinkle Song.” Cyrus described her inspiration for the cut, saying, “I write about death a lot, randomly, but my friend, she lost her cat, and I had these crazy dreams the night her cat died. I feel like her cat kind of told me what to say to her to get her through it.”

Let’s hope Miley’s collection of death-inspired, Lana-sounding country tunes comes sooner than later. Let’s also hope there’s at least one twerking jam in there too…you know, for old time’s sake.


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Miley Cyrus debuted a new original song while performing at Art Basel Wednesday night called “The Twinkle Song,” she said was inspired by her friend’s cat dying.

Joe Jonas, Usher, 2 Chainz & More Hit Up Art Basel Parties in Miami Beach

“I’ve never played by myself on a stage before and U’ve never played a song that I’ve only played in my living room before, so I’m a little nervous,” she said standing before her audience in a sparkling silver wig.

She explained the song had been inspired by dreams the night her friend’s cat died, saying, “I feel like her cat kind of told me what I was supposed to say to get her through it… It was more therapy to me than anything.”

Check Out Miley Cyrus Partying Like a… Taco?

In the same performance, Cyrus smoked pot onstage, sang a duet with a topless woman and was joined by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.


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After a fun-filled weekend in Miami for Art Basel, the newfound friends jetted off to Nashville. But, before they touched down, Miley decided to play a little bit of a prank on Cody, who made the mistake of taking a power nap while in flight.

“Don’t let yourself fall asleep on a plane with @mileycyrus. What have ya done to me?,” Cody captioned the pic.

Not sure many of us would hate waking up in a pile of money, especially Miley’s money.

According to Cody’s Instagram, the two will be spending their days at a Nashville ranch inspired by one of the city’s hometown heroes, the late Johnny Cash.

Along for the ride is Miley’s rumored boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, who shared a photo of Miley sitting on his lap, surrounded by a group of friends.

In another pic, Patrick had a little guy time with Cody and a friend as they took full advantage of all the “room for activities.”

Miley has been spending quite a bit of time with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son as of late. The USC student was seen with Miley in Miami and the two packed on some PDA at a USC game against the California Golden Bears last month.


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It really is a party all over the U.S.A.

After nearly a week of parties, PDA and did we mention parties in Miami, Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have left town and moved west to Nashville for some quality time together.

In a new Instagram post, the 21-year-old University of Southern California college student revealed his newest location while hanging out with his girl and a few close friends.

“Good old Nashville,” he wrote as Cyrus gave a thumbs up while sitting on his lap. When looking closely, you may also recognize the one and only Cody Simpson nearby.

That’s right, Gigi Hadid’s on-again, off-again boyfriend joined the campfire fun Saturday evening.

“Spending a few days at a ranch in Nashville with some real good people,” he wrote on Instagram before grabbing his guitar and singing with Cyrus. “A little Johnny cash by the fire never hurt nobody.”

All this traveling around the country, however, got us thinking about Schwarzenegger’s life as a college student. According to USC’s academic calendar, the last week of classes for the fall semester was Dec. 1, the same time he was in Miami.

And with finals beginning Dec. 10, we have to wonder how the studious student is making time to study.

Putting school aside, both Schwarzenegger and Cyrus have made it clear that they really enjoy spending time together.

Whether at college football games, dinners by the beach or even at penis-themed birthday parties, the pair is staying close throughout the holiday season.

“They might seem like an odd pairing, but they are quite good for each other,” a source told E! News. “They’ve been friends forever.”

And if you needed more proof that these two were the real deal, ask their closest friends.

“This is more than just a fling,” an insider asserted. “They look like they are falling in love with one another.” Think it’s safe to say they are now totally in love!


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The first batch of nominees for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards were announced Friday.

Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams revealed which musicians are in the running on CBS This Morning. “We don’t want to, like, geek out in front of everybody,” Williams, who learned he is a nominee, joked. “This is national TV.” The Grammys will be held on Feb. 8, 2015 at the Staples Center in L.A. and will air live on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.

Coldplay, Ghost Stories
Miley Cyrus, Bangerz
Ariana Grande, My Everything
Katy Perry, Prism
Ed Sheeran, X
Sam Smith, In the Lonely Hour

More Grammy nominations will be announced throughout the day via Twitter. It will culminate with the Album of the Year contenders revealed on A Very Grammy Christmas, airing on CBS Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

In all, there will be 83 categories. The full list will be revealed by 2 p.m. ET.


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In a bizarre and emotionally transparent performance, Miley Cyrus mocked her own music, opened up about her dark year and belted out some Led Zeppelin. Oh yeah, and she smoked pot onstage.

Wearing a silver metallic Cleopatra wig and bright turquoise eye shadow, Cyrus kicked off a private, poolside show at the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach singing a duet of “Super Freak” with a topless woman. Cyrus was among the top-billed acts during the star-studded week of the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach.

The 22-year-old singer performed mostly covers, including Led Zeppelin, the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” and Johnny Cash, telling the audience she understood they were serious about real art and probably weren’t fans of her pop-music style.

“You thought (Art Basel) was a respected place where you could escape me,” said Cyrus, who talked about her difficult year after her twerking performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and the death of her dog.

The former Disney star said it took her to a dark place and made her realize many things she was doing seemed meaningless.

“This year has constantly challenged me, and that’s why I started doing art,” she said before launching into a song she wrote after her friend’s cat spoke to her in a dream. She also played the macabre song on the piano, abruptly banging on the keys at the end, saying she was sick of talking about death and wanted to move on to something fun.

Later in the show, she donned a massive rainbow with a cutout for her head, while two other performers wore mushroom costumes. At one point, two costumed sharks and a penis ran across the stage. Despite distractions of bubbles floating through the air and falling confetti, one thing stood out ? her vocal chops.

“Usually I don’t smoke weed and drink, well that’s a lie … usually I don’t smoke weed and drink on show days, but I felt like it was fine in Miami,” said Cyrus, whose boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, also attended the party, hosted by designer Tommy Hilfiger, art dealer Jeffrey Deitch and V Magazine. Schwarzenegger is the eldest son of actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his estranged wife, journalist Maria Shriver. She is a member of the Kennedy family.

Offstage, art abounded as a trio of nude women covered in body paint, wearing only giant wigs and black thigh-high boots, posed for pictures. Neon necklace-clad plastic baby dolls were tucked into the branches of trees surrounding the pool.

Inside several poolside cabanas, art installations showed video images of Cyrus with a neon green Oz-like background alongside strangely photo-shopped images of her and messages accusing her of torturing her real fans and urging her to “stop posting terrible art.”


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At the Hauser & Wirth booth at Art Basel in Miami Beach, artnet News spotted gallerist Jeffrey Deitch, who organized Wednesday night’s Miley Cyrus concert party with Tommy Hilfiger and V magazine. Deitch was handing out wristbands for the hot invitation-only event at the Raleigh Hotel (see “Inside Miley Cyrus’s Exclusive ABMB Concert”).

And while he did so, he was talking up the 22-year-old pop star’s art, assuring collectors that “she’s the real deal.”

Deitch reportedly visited Cyrus at her home in LA, where he apparently fell in love with her colorful assemblages made of toys and trinkets thrown onstage by fans during her tours. Roadies sweep it all up and ship it back to LA where Cyrus gets down to work.

“It’s southern outsider art,” Deitch said. “Very close to Mike Kelley,” he added, agreeing with a collector’s comparison. “We have a remarkable situation where someone channels her vision through music, art, theater, and fashion.”

The former L.A. MOCA director promised a huge opening number tonight and advised arriving at least a half hour early to ensure entry.

When artnet News asked if we might snag a wristband, Deitch claimed that if he let anyone else come “the city’s going to shut us down.”


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Maria Shriver displeased with her son’s social life? Not so fast.

While recent Internet reports claim Maria Shriver is up in arms that her 21-year-old son Patrick Schwarzenegger is dating pop star Miley Cyrus, there’s no such family drama brewing, PEOPLE has learned.

“It’s untrue that Maria is unhappy,” says a source.

While Shriver, 59, is a hands-on parent to Schwarzenegger and her three other children with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67 – Katherine, 24, Christina, 23, and Christopher, 17 – she trusts their choices.

Bottom line, says the source, “If Patrick’s happy, she’s happy.”

Cyrus, who has spent time with Shriver and gotten to know the rest of the family, is no shrinking violet, of course.

At her 22nd birthday bash on Nov. 23 at Metropolitan Nightclub in West Hollywood, for instance, the Wrecking Ball singer donned a neon pink and lime green cut-out dress and vamped with blow-up dolls.

But holding his own and by her side all night? Schwarzenegger, dressed in a pilot’s jumpsuit for the Happyland-themed party. “They were cute and affectionate together,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

“Patrick seems extremely happy,” says a source.

The feeling, echoes a Cyrus pal, is mutual: “They’re having a great time.”

And that’s just fine by Patrick’s mom.