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Miley Cyrus and Sky Ferreira are buds, and, as we know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Miley recreated Sky’s album cover in the shower. Because why wouldn’t you get naked in honor of your famous friend?

Miley has spot-on smudgy mascara, a demure facial expression and hair dripping wet. Here’s the non-nipple version of Sky’s album cover for Night Time, My Time.


The two musical pals tweet each other all the time — the funniest being the time Miley’s little sister Noah didn’t understand Sky’s “Rachel” haircut.


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Alt-J are quickly becoming one of the most popular groups in the universe, but they haven’t reached the stage where people actually recognize them.

“It’s wonderful to maintain some personal anonymity,” keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton told the Irish Mirror. “And we don’t have to deal with paparazzi. We can ride buses in London without anyone batting an eyelid and then I’ll be playing on the David Letterman Show the next week, so that’s pretty cool.”

The Leeds group broke onto the scene with 2012’s An Awesome Wave, and then followed that with 2014’s This Is All Yours, which features the hit single “Left Hand Free.”

“The first album seemed to transcend different musical tribes in terms of the people who listened to it,” Unger-Hamilton said. “So we realised it was OK to make albums like that – we have a fanbase who trust us. So we thought, ‘Let’s do the same again’.”

The new album came about despite a major snag when founding member Gwil Sainsbury left the group in January.
“We always knew Gwil struggled with the lifestyle of being in a band,” Unger-Hamilton said. “So when he turned up and said, ‘I’m going to leave’, we understood why.”

But things are going well. The trio collected the UK’s famed Mercury Prize for An Awesome Wave, and have a big fan in Miley Cyrus.

“She mentioned she was a fan of our music on Twitter,” Unger-Hamilton said. “Which obviously got us a few thousand more followers.

“Miley’s was the first music gig we had ever been to at the O2 and it was big production to the max. We’re kind of like, ‘How are we going to live up to that in the same venue?’ But I think we’re a different act, so it’s going to be fine.”

Oh, that’s right. Alt-J will be playing the biggest show of their lives at London’s O2 Arena in January.


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We know Miley Cyrus has become one of the biggest sex symbols in pop music… But are her scandalous ways wrangling in a fellow scandalous comrade?

Joking aside, some wild tabloids are seriously reporting that Kanye West has a “creepy obsession” with the “Wrecking Ball” singer, going as far as to warn Kim Kardashian to “look out.”

Are you laughing yet?

Well Miley certainly is, taking to Instagram to poke fun at the outrageous headline.

She captioned the snap:

“tbt to when Kanye was creepily obsessed with me bahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahah.”

Where this rumor started is unclear, but we DO know that Kanye and Miley are supposedly working on a collaboration together for his next album.

The rapper confirmed to MTV that he is, indeed, planning to release a track with the controversial singer, but he just wants to clarify, “I ain’t jumping on a train. If I like an artist, I do it.”


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Hilary Duff has been charming fans and the media alike during her promo runs for ‘Chasing the Sun’ and ‘All About You,’ so it’s only natural that someone ask her how she escaped having the cliched rebellious stage so many child stars experience.

The question came up during Hilary’s visit to the Elvis Duran Show, when one of the DJs used Miley Cyrus as an example of a Disney star who’s “going through this huge transformation.”

“I think that Miley, she’s being authentic to who she is and wants to be and I think that’s rad,” Hilary said. “Like, unapologetically, she is going for it and being really bold and not really caring what anybody thinks.”

As for being a role model, Hilary admits she did have her moments — just out of the public eye.

“I do identify with the frustrations of feeling like I have to be a good role model — or did, maybe — not so much anymore,” she added. “And that was hard because you do want to explore yourself and there’s this reputation to hold up or whatever. But I took a big break, just because I needed to, and I got to do a lot of living and soul-searching and I got to mess up, but I just did it a little more privately than all the others.”

Watch Hilary discuss Miley, being a role model and a mom, and more in the video here!


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Miley Cyrus has raised eyebrows once again with her latest Instagram post but this time without taking her clothes off, smoking drugs or with her prosthetic bottom, but with a mysterious doodle. We have to admit we’re slightly concerned that al is not well in camp Miley after she posted one of the latest drawings on the social networking site and while we’re not going to call ourselves therapsits or anything, by the looks of it, Miles is feeling pretty blue. During the South American leg of her Bangerz world tour the songstress stayed up until the early hours of the morning to create this masterpiece, but what does it all mean?

The Wrecking Ball singer wrote “early a.m. drawin” along the picture which depicts a crying alien with a broken heart which has several depressing thought bubbles surrounding him/her including ones that read “why does love make me cry” and “will I ever be happy again”. We’re slightly concerned for the superstar who has remained notoriously private when it comes to her love life following her split from fiancé Liam Hemsworth last year.

She’s always maintained that she had moved on from her former flame, but could he be the heartbreaker in question? Or maybe Jesse Helt, her homeless date to the Video Music Awards has spawned all this pain?

Thankfully her next alien drawing wasn’t as glum, instead just showed the space creature blowing bubbles without any morbid thoughts in them. She recently got all artsy on her Instagram, photo shopping her head as a baby onto some of he raciest concert pics. We don’t even want to know what she’s trying to say with that one! Well at least she’s moved on from sharing nude pics of herself in the shower, with nothing but a heart emoji covering her modesty.


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The burglarizing duo who broke into Miley Cyrus‘ L.A. home and made off with her $135K Maserati have been sentenced to time behind bars.

According to TMZ, Naomi Charles, 21, will serve a year in county jail, while Tyler Scott, 19, will spend four years in prison. Though Naomi was reportedly the mastermind behind the scheme, Scott will serve more time because he had a prior record and allegedly had a gun during the burglary.

The site also reports that the two were inspired by the Bling Ring — the group of privileged teens who burglarized countless celebrities’ homes (who were also the inspiration for the 2013 movie by the same name).

In May, Charles and Scott reportedly scaled the fence out of Cyrus’ home and stole jewelry from her home and the Maserati from her garage, which was fortunately was quickly found.

Though the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer was overseas on tour at the time of the burglary, she was reportedly (and understandably!) freaked out by the situation. According to TMZ, her lawyer claimed that she wanted a sentence for the burglars that would “deter them and others from doing the same thing in the future.”

Hopefully that’s what they got.


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She caused quite a stir when she stripped down on a construction site for her Wrecking Ball music video last year.

And now it seems Miley Cyrus is making her mark on similar locations Down Under, celebrating the lead up to her Australian tour.

The 21-year-old’s Madame Tussaud’s wax figure has been welcomed into Sydney, and for a limited time the scantily-clad figure is getting up close and personal with construction workers as she is on the hunt for her wrecking ball.

In true Miley style, the singer’s wax figure sees the blonde bombshell dressed in a very skimpy one-piece.

The high-cut number shows off the stunner’s toned legs, with a pair of sky-high matching platform shoes accentuating the figure’s height.

Featuring sheer long sleeves, the barely-there outfit is embellished with a gold chain around the waist and beaded detail on the high neckline.

And the wax figure has certainly captured the attention of many male labourers out at local construction sites.

Many labourers have taken a break from their hard day at work to take a closer look at the statuesque figure, which has proved to be pleasant distraction as they labour along in outdoor conditions.

But it’s not all fun and games for Miley’s body double who is on the hunt for the ultimate wrecking ball she can use during her performances in Australia next month.

Last year the singer had the entertainment industry abuzz when she appeared nude in her Wrecking Ball music video, straddling a swinging wrecking ball and licking a sledgehammer before smashing up a few walls for good measure.

After she finds the fierce prop, Miley’s figure wax figure will be twerking her way to Sydney’s Madame Tussaud’s Museum, where she will be displayed alongside big name stars including Madonna, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Kylie Minogue.

Meanwhile the musician herself will be jetting Down Under next month for her Australian tour which kicks off in Melbourne on October 10.


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Miley Cyrus has done it again. The 21-year-old singer has taken a dig at her ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth yet again when a female fan proposed to her at a recent meeting. Miley reportedly got mock-engaged to the female “Smiler,” who bent down to her knees and gave her favorite singer a big ring, too. According to the “Wrecking Ball” songstress, the female fan’s proposal was much better than that of Liam’s, reveal latest media reports.

“This is way more romantic than the first time I got engaged,” said Miley in response to the proposal, reveals The website is also showing the picture of the singer wearing a yellow and white leotard dress with a fur. Miley’s female fan is wearing a black and pink printed floral top and is seen bending down on her knees as she puts a ring on Miley’s fingers. Check out the picture here.

It is not the first time that Miley has dissed Liam and compared him to a fan. In February, Miley was asked by one of her naked fans named Matt Peterson to be his prom date. The “We Can’t Stop” singer cleverly declined to be Peterson’s date; instead, she invited him to come over to her “Bangerz” concert. The singer called Peterson onstage and even sang “Adore You” to him. Read more about Matt and his proposal here.

But before Miley’s song performance, Matt bent down on his knees and proposed to Miley. Miley’s response was as follows: “I was in this position once before and it didn’t work out too well — the last time a guy got on one knee for me. Hopefully this will be better,” joked Miley as she apparently recalled her proposal from now ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, reveals the website.

Though the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus does not leave any chance of dissing Liam Hemsworth’s way of proposing her, she also acknowledges the fact that she is still in love with him. “I love Liam, Liam loves me,” told Miley to Australia’s Sunday Night television show in the first week of September. Both Miley and Liam are not seeing anyone after their split in 2013.


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For the past few months, Miley Cyrus has teamed up with My Friend’s Place—a resource center for homeless youth in L.A.—to raise awareness about youth homelessness and money to help end it. Her involvement was highlighted at the 2014 VMAs, when she had Jesse—the date she met through My Friend’s Place—accept her Moonman for Video of the Year.

But her affiliation didn’t end after the VMAs. She’s currently holding a contest to benefit the shelter and prizes include a hoodie, a voicemail from Miley, and, oh, a CUSTOM TATTOO.

It’s true. If you donate $10,000, you “will receive a tattoo custom designed by Miley.” You will also be sent a T-shirt and temporary tattoos, but, um, who cares about those things when you could be permanently marked with a drawing designed by Miley Cyrus? Temporary tattoos don’t last—Miley’s custom handiwork does. While Miley has tattooed someone before, this time she’ll be leaving it to the professionals and sending you a custom design. Miley will not touch an ink gun to your skin–you can relax. Whether you actually take the design to get inked onto your body is totally up to you.

If you’re not in the market to rep your donor status forever, but still want to donate $10K, you have another option: a signed piece of Miley’s original My Friend’s Place artwork. But, I mean, for $10K you may as well get some artwork on your body, amiright? JK, it’s your skin not mine.


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AUSSIE duo The Faders DJs have scored the support slot for Miley Cyrus’s tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Confidential can exclusively reveal Milly Gattegno and Suhana Lye will support the eccentric singer when she brings her Bangerz Tour down under.

“She is amazing and, like, even just to see her production and everything, we are so excited to be on tour with her and we love her,” Lye said.

“Miley is such a massive superstar at the moment, so we are pumped.”

Gattegno said that Cyrus was “really inspiring for us”.

They will support the star in Auckland, New Zealand, before appearing on the bill at her Melbourne and Sydney concerts alongside Lolawolf, a band featuring Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny).

This isn’t the first time they have opened for a big name.

The girls also opened for Brit popstar Rita Ora.

They are preparing to launch their second album, F.U.N.2 on Friday, following on from their debut album, released in 2012.

The Faders will be celebrating the launch in Darlinghurst on Thursday night.

Gattegno gave fans a hint of what they could expect from the upcoming album.

“I think our music taste has evolved a lot over the last couple of years,’’ she said.

“It’s a mix of R’n’B, hip-hop, old school party jams. So the kind of stuff you put on when getting ready and trying to get in the mood to go out.’’

They are also about to embark on their own F.U.N.2 tour, kicking off next month playing gigs.

One pit-stop includes New Zealand — fresh off the Cyrus show.

Other locations for their own tour include Melbourne and Brisbane, to name a few.

And Gattegno’s had a final word on those persistent rumours that she’s dating comedian Chris Lilley.

“We’re just very good friends,” she said.

They last caught up at Kanye West’s Sydney concert but his ‘’good friend’’ Gattegno says they won’t be giving Lilley a preview of the album.

“He, along with everyone else, will be hearing it for the first time when it comes out,” Gattegno said.


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Miley Cyrus is under fire for getting slapped with the Mexican flag on her backside during a concert on Tuesday — an act that could potentially land her in jail.

During one point in the singer’s Monterrey show, which fell on Mexico’s Independence Day, she donned a fake prosthetic butt and had dancers whip her behind with the flag.

Cyrus is now being investigated by government officials, as the country has laws protecting “national emblems, the flag and the national anthem.”

At least one local politician, Francisco Trevino Cabello of the conservative National Action Party, has already come out accusing the pop star of “desecration.”

The Nuevo Leon state congress, of which Cabello is a member, unanimously voted to request sanctions from the Interior Ministry.

Punishment for acts deemed disrespectful of the flag include fines and up to 36 hours in jail.

Though there are conflicting reports as to whether Cyrus or the concert promoter would ultimately be held responsible, a case against her would not be without precedent.

In 2007, singer Paulina Rubio, who is from Mexico, was reportedly fined $4,000 for appearing in a magazine with the flag draped around her naked body.

Similarly, Argentinians were outraged last year when Justin Bieber appeared to kick the country’s flag off the stage during a concert, though the issue died down after he made an apology.

As for Cyrus, this latest controversy comes nearly one month after she was forced to cancel a Bangerz concert in the Dominican Republic when the government banned her from performing there as scheduled on moral grounds.

The star, who was to perform again in Monterrey on Wednesday and has two other concerts lined up in Mexico this weekend, also returned to spitting water on fans during the eyebrow-raising performance.

Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for the star for comment.


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She struggled to come to terms with her pup Floyd’s sudden death at the hands of a coyote in April of this year.

But while Miley Cyrus has managed to get on with life and her popular Bangerz tour, she certainly hasn’t forgotten her beloved pooch.

And on Tuesday evening the pop princess once again paid tribute to Floyd while on stage at Arena Monterrey, Mexico in her own unique Miley way.

First up she wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the words RIP FLOYD emblazoned across it.

She later slipped into a bomber jacket featuring the beautiful dog’s face, some sequins and fur sleeves (that was our particular favourite).

And finally she also played a video of Floyd dressed in astronaut’s outfit while flying through space – we couldn’t have thought of a more fitting tribute if we tried.

Earlier this year Miley got a tattoo in memory of the dog, as did a group of her friends while at a house party.

It was previously thought the Wrecking Ball star had hired a dog psychic to help her get over his death.

Speaking about the process Hollywood animal medium Melissa Bacelar said: “It was particularly hard as [Miley] wasn’t there when Floyd died, so there would have been a huge amount of guilt.

“I connect with the dog telepathically. Some will give me actual words but, most of the time, I will get images and feelings, which I then pass on to the owner.”


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Ashish gets us, plain and simple. Every season we look forward to scoping out their high-glamour streetwear (and Beyonce-themed ensembles) at London Fashion Week, but for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Ashish has officially outdone themselves. Not only are they the only brand to use all-black models on their runway, but they always find a way to squeeze in a killer pop-culture homage (or two!) into their collection.

Ashish created the most badass outfit ever by pairing a Miley Cyrus-inspired sweater with jeans covered in middle fingers and cigarette packs inscribed with the words “F*** off.”

Click here for more of the collection!

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Miley’s nominated for “Best Pop” at this years MTV EMA’s which will be held in Glasgow on November 9th.