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Miley Cyrus has been keeping people guessing for months about whether or not her and fiance, Liam Hemsworth have secretly tied the knot.

This happened most recently after she went on record for an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, calling Liam her “hubby” and saying, “I’m so happy I’m married.”

You can see why people would have got confused. The record was quickly set straight after the interview did the rounds. But the question is why, why does Miley keep trying to confuse people and making out that they are already hitched?

According to a source close to the Disney star, for Hollywood Life:

“Miley isn’t married. She’s speaking metaphorically. In her mind, she’s married to Liam and there’s no other man for her.”

Well call us old fashioned but the engagement ring gave us a little clue about the love and commitment thing.

She’d better be careful, she’s fast becoming ‘the girl who cried marriage’ – when they finally do walk down the aisle we’re going to need photographic evidence!


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