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The Connecticut school massacre has prompted many Hollywood celebrities to post their condolences on Twitter, including Miley Cyrus, who tweeted,

“Why does this happen? Why do bad things happen to such good people(?)”

It’s true that tragedies like this one in Newtown, Connecticut cause people to look inward and search for answers. But unfortunately, many times there aren’t any. Although it’s infuriating and unjust, something like is simply beyond human understanding. Sadly, horrible things happen to people who are undeserving, and of course, no one is more innocent than young children.

It’s refreshing that some of these vapid Hollywood celebrities like Miley Cyrus postponed tweeting naked pictures of themselves for a day, to honor the victims of the shooting. Even Rihanna showed a more reflective side of her personality Friday.

“God have mercy!!!! No one deserves this! Praying for the families of the victims of Connecticut shooting!! What a Christmas it will be,” Rihanna posted.

In addition to Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, Ian Somerhalder and Ashley Benson also sent their condolences . It’s a shame that it takes a horrific incident like this massacre at a Connecticut grade school for everyone to show their humanity.


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