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By admin December 25, 2012 0 Comments

Miley Cyrus might have sadly lost one pet dog recently, but she has already found it in her heart to add a new one into their family. She tweeted over the weekend that she wishes to adopt a Frenchie dog, whom she claims as super cute. While she didn’t share any plans for making that a reality, she didn’t say that she wouldn’t either. We have all seen Miley adopt new dog after new dog over the past year or two, but seems to have expressed little to no interest in learning about which breeds work well together. As for what Miley all had to say about the possible new edition to her family, here is her actual tweet.

I want to rescue a little Frenchie. Those dogs are so damnnnnn cute.

I applaud her for loving animals so much and wanting as many as she can support, but she needs to be mindful about each breed. It seems like that what we are hearing about her last dog’s death, it was supposedly related to one of her bigger dogs. That would only be the fair and responsible thing to do, but I suppose she thinks that they will all get along regardless of size or breed. It is a shameful way, but she certainly wouldn’t be the first nor the last with those kind of ideas either.

How do you feel about this news? Should Miley be more careful from bow on with her dogs? I say yes, and she should have been doing just that all along. I feel like lots dog experts even stress that they need training and that some breeds just not mesh well. I mean it makes sense when you really think about it. Yes, it isn’t the happiness news to hear but as a fellow owner to a pet, I don’t want to see her lose anymore of her beloved dogs. I think her little family with Liam Hemsworth needs to be a happy and balanced one. Not a “collection” of dogs who cannot get along, but a nice happy family filled with dogs.

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