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CNN: Outside of being influenced by a diverse group of artistic professionals, you’re an influencer yourself. Miley Cyrus has been in and out of your Miami studio. In Marie Claire, you were quoted saying you wanted to “free” the now grown-up singer. Were you able to do so?
Williams: Well, I didn’t free her. She freed herself. And that’s the only freedom that I could ever offer anyone — is the acknowledgment that you can set yourself free. … She’s allowing herself to just be who she wants to be and not feeling like she has to ration herself to a grid that is what everyone else deems as “the perfect American.” She doesn’t really want to be “the perfect American.” She just wants to be the perfect version of herself. And she encourages other girls to do the same thing.

CNN: What can we expect from the Miley-Pharrell collaborative record(s)?
Williams: We don’t like to do a lot of talking about what it’s gonna do or what it’s gonna be. It’s just — it’s good stuff man.


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