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Miley Cyrus recently denied that she was engaged to boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, and now The Hunger Games star revealed he doesn’t plan to walk down the aisle anytime soon with his popstar girlfriend.

“Marriage and kids are way in the future for me,” Liam, 22, told Britian’s OK! Magazine. “I’m young. It’s not really on my mind at the moment—marriage, kids or anything.”

Hemsworth and Cyrus, 19, met while filming The Last Song together in 2009 and after a break last year, have been going strong ever since.

Miley sparked engagement rumors when she sported a sparkly ring on her wedding finger, before revealing days later that it was costume jewelry.

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Jogging With Floyd (April 4th, 2012)

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Walking Floyd in Toluca Lake (April 3rd, 2012)

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Miley Cyrus has reportedly “upped her game” in the fitness stakes in a bid to impress her beau Liam Hemsworth.

The Australian actor has risen to international stardom since appearing in blockbuster The Hunger Games alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

Miley is said to be concerned with the amount of attention Liam is getting and has turned to diet and exercise in order to keep him interested. Friends of the pretty star say Miley has enlisted a nutritionist, chef and personal trainer to help achieve her impressive figure.

“I think Miley knows that with The Hunger Games, Liam is now a big star and women are hitting on him 24/7, throwing their numbers at him at events and proposing. It’s scary,” a source told British magazine more!

“So she’s clearly upping her game, going blonder and showing off her body more than ever. It’s like she’s becoming a real workout addict, letting Liam know she will do whatever it takes to keep him.”

Miley is said to be doing Pilates regularly in a bid to maintain her gorgeous body.

“Miley goes to classes in a Pilates gym in Beverly Hills twice a week when she’s in town. And when she’s on the road, she takes a couple of DVDs with her to do in the hotel room,” the source added.

Source: belfasttelegraph.co.uk

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At 19, Miley Cyrus seems all grown, especially evident in her recent sartorial selections. With that in mind, the world renowned talent was picked as the best dressed by Fashion Police this weekend for her peachy keen look.

And that is a literal description since Miley wore a peach colored Jenny Packham gown to a big event in Phoenix. The occasion was called Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night and was also attended by Tish Cyrus and the star’s boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

The E! Entertainment show pointed out that, for the event, the younger Cyrus had chosen a Jenny Packham dress from her Spring 2012 collection. It was a flowing number that had an on trend mullet look with a short front and a to-the-floor back. The singer and actress wore nude Christian Louboutin peep-toe heels and adorned herself in gold jewelry.

While the dress was the center of attention on Fashion Police, so was Miley’s new hairstyle, which George Kotsiopoulos said he has been hoping for for a long time. He said that perhaps Miley had hired a new stylist but Kelly Osbourne, who is a friend of Cyrus, shot that down since the person in question who told her a while back that she wanted to go blonde again. And she did.

Meanwhile, Giuliana Rancic noted that while wearing this designer dress, this celebrity showed very toned arms. This detail-oriented judge commented, “It’s obvious she’s been working out.”

And then, as usual, Joan Rivers chimed in with an inappropriate joke, saying, “She got rid of all that hillbilly stuff. She’s wearing a designer dress, she has a classy hairstyle, and she is not dating her cousin any more so she’s come a long way.”

And while that offbeat statement brought a few giggles and more groans, Miley Cyrus was later dubbed best dressed on Fashion Police for her Jenny Packham gown.

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It looks like Miley was introduced to a new favorite beauty product by her mom, Tish Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus tweeted a picture of the Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream, saying:

“New obsession! Thanks @tishcyrus”

The product is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 that is supposed to improve the brightness and elasticity of skin. Want to shop Miley’s new favorite? It will cost you. A 1.7 oz jar is $170!

Source: hollywoodlife.com

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Walking Her Puppy in Toluca Lake (April 2nd, 2012)

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Leaving Pilates Class in West Hollywood (April 2nd, 2012)

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Bobbi Kristina Brown and Miley Cyrus have plenty in common, especially this week. True, their parents were both very popular musicians, but this goes beyond music. This is about wearing engagement rings.

Yep, Bobbi and Miley both were the center of tabloid attention this last week for wearing engagement rings… without actually being engaged. Is this a growing Hollywood trend? Some may say it is.

Is it possible that both Ms. Brown and Ms. Cyrus were looking for attention by wearing a giant diamond right in front of the paparazzi. They both know that they are being followed, constantly, so why not have a little fun with the cameras?

While some may see Miley’s “fake” ring as an attention grab from her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s big ‘Hunger Games’ weekend, perhaps Bobbi K’s was trying to get attention from her own family.

Look, these two are hardly the only stars who have pulled the ‘not quite engaged, engagement ring’ trick. Even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore a big fat diamond until the tabloids took notice. She then went on record as saying that she wasn’t engaged.

This sure seems like quite the game of cat and mouse.

So, why again are they doing this? Whether it is for attention from family, friends, fans, or media clearly Bobbi Kristina Brown and Miley Cyrus had ulterior motives. Maybe Miley just wanted to drop a not so subtle hint in the direction of her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

Whatever the case, one thing is clear (besides the diamonds on the girls’ fingers) both Bobbi Kristina and Miley Cyrus got the attention they sought. That’s for sure!

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Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem like the jealous type, but should she be? Liam Hemsworth’s fame has skyrocketed thanks to his small part in The Hunger Games, so all eyes are going to be on him for a while. And, along with those eyes will be new scripts and roles. In fact, Liam is already busy working on another movie, AWOL, with a beautiful fresh actress, Teresa Palmer. And, Palmer was very candid about locking lips with Cyrus’ real life boyfriend.

Speaking about their kiss, Palmer said, “I did get to kiss Liam.” But, talk quickly turned to AWOL, and the young actress said, “It’s very much a Notebook style movie. I try desperately not to fall in love with a soldier who’s gone AWOL from the Vietnam War, but that soldier is Liam Hemsworth! It’s sort of a bittersweet romance between them. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful. Liam is lovely. He’s the most perfect male costar.”

As far as Miley Cyrus is concerned, Hemsworth is the most perfect boyfriend. Cyrus and Hemsworth have been making sweet music on and off for three years now, and though there have been rumors of rifts here and there, they’ve been a solid pair. So, do you think Cyrus should be jealous of Hemworth kidding other women, or is it just work?

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Will Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship hit the rocks? Probably. Almost all relationships do—sooner or later. But according to a psychologist who specializes in the psychological effects of fame, Miley and Liam’s big break-up could come any day. In fact, the couple’s hot romance is probably already swirling headlong in a downward spiral towards splitsville.

So, who is this harbinger of doom with a Ph.D? Her name is Dr Jeannette Delamoir, and she thinks Liam and Miley will not survive the new-found fame he’s garnering from his starring role in The Hunger Games. Dr. Delamoir doesn’t think La Cyrus will be able to deal with Liam becoming more famous than she is.

“Miley was much more famous and now he has eclipsed her. That will put huge pressure on them,” opines Dr. Delamoir. “They are probably arguing about it already.”

Yikes. Talk about harbingers of doom.

Assuming the good doctor knows what she’s talking about, a question that begs to be answered is: Has Liam Hemsworth really eclipsed Miley Cyrus? It’s true that he’s getting a tremendous amount of praise and publicity from his Hunger Games role. He’s even being touted by the press as the “new Robert Pattinson.” But who knows how long all that will last? Cyrus has been a Disney mega-child star, an actress with a long-running hit TV series, Hannah Montana, and a world-famous superstar pop singer. Although she’s only 19, she’s been around for a while. With all due respect to Liam Hemsworth, after the dust from the Hunger Games and its inevitable sequels settles, he may prove to be a one trick pony.

Another problem with Dr. Delamoir’s theory is that when relationships end because of career jealousy, it’s usually the man who leaves because his ego won’t allow him to accept his wife’s or girlfriend’s greater success. That’s not usually the case with women. Most accept their husbands’ or boyfriends’ greater success as the “natural order.” If Liam Hemsworth was the kind of wimp who’d be intimidated by his woman’s success, he would have bailed long ago. Unless, of course, he’s just using Miley for publicity and connections. In that case, he might indeed dump her when he feels he’s famous enough and rich enough on his own. Time will tell.

And speaking of wealth, Dr. Delamoir has implied that Miley will be the one to feel threatened by Liam’s success and leave. A brief review of the facts reveals that Miley Cyrus is worth a whopping $120 million. Liam Hemsworth, not so much. The Australian hunk’s bank account totals a paltry $1.5 million. If Miley dumps him, it would be because she might fear he’s a gold digger, not because she’s jealous of his success. In fact, (duh) his new success will probably end the financial disparity between them.

Speaking of jealousy, could La Delamoir be jealous of Miley? Possibly. Doctors are not immune to such emotions. As for Liam Hemsworth’s opinions about his new fame, new life, and still steady relationship, he’s keeping them to himself.

“You try to keep your life as personal as possible, that’s why it’s my personal life,” Liam explained. “Then I have my work life, but there is not a lot you can do about it all.”

Well said.

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