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Philanthropy has been a part of Miley Cyrus’ life since she was a little girl and for her latest charitable endeavor, the singer has teamed with Sean Penn’s Help Haiti Home initiative, as you can see in the ETonline exclusive photo below.

In addition to the photo, Cyrus stars in a new PSA alongside Zooey Deschanel, Sean Penn, Edward Norton, Sarah Silverman, Rainn Wilson, LL Cool J, and Eric Dane as they lend their voice to encourage donations and draw awareness to the struggles that the Haitian people still face.

The Help Haiti Home initiative was launched to raise funds that will help the 23,000 displaced Haitians currently living in the J/P HRO managed Petionville Camp tent city return to the neighborhoods they lived in before the earthquake. To pledge your donation, click here!


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Miley Cyrus has slammed rumours suggesting she’s had a boob job.

Reports concerning Miley’s chest first surfaced after she stepped out at the 2011 CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute in LA, wearing a very low-cut yellow Roberto Cavalli dress which showed off her impressive cleavage.

After seeking advice from various different cosmetic surgeons, US publication Star magazine claimed that despite only being 19-years old, Miley had gone under the knife and had a breast enlargement.

However, the former Hannah Montana actress has been quick to quash the allegations, setting the record straight via her official Twitter account.

Speaking about her boobs, Cyrus stated:

“Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they’d realize you don’t have to be fake to be beautiful!”

Miley attended the Los Angeles event with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who previously told Who magazine that he finds Cyrus hot when she’s being herself.

The 21-year old actor revealed:

“When I look over at her when she’s biting into a steak sandwich and there is some steak sauce dripping down her chin, there is nothing sexier than that.”


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Miley Cyrus is taking a stand against cyber bulling after her pal Kelly Osbourne was targeted online.

Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter and his wife Sharon were sent a hate message by a user on Tuesday (13Dec11), which Kelly subsequently ‘re-Tweeted’ and replied, “Your (sic) disgusting! and now everyone knows it!”

And her pal Cyrus jumped to her defence, urging fans to help stamp out online bullying.

In a series of posts on her own page, Cyrus wrote, “I’m so sorry mrssosbourne and MissKellyO for the abusive tweet… I don’t think it’s right for people to use twitter to abuse and harass others. Just cause your (sic) hidden behind some computer like a coward doesn’t mean this isn’t bullying.

“So twitter if you could please start removing people to help Stopcyberbullying It shouldn’t be tolerated!

“So proud of all my fans responding to my last tweet!! You guys will make a difference! Take a stand! Let’s trend Stopcyberbullying.”


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For showing extreme cleavage at Sunday’s CNN’s Heroes 2011 award, Miley Cyrus gets a bunch of reactions including the assumption that she went under the knife. Three so-called experts have been asked for their opinion on the authenticity of Miley’s breasts.

The 19-year-old went to the red carpet event with boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, wearing a yellow neck-plunging dress by Roberto Cavalli. The busty appearance was topped off with platinum and diamond chandelier earrings and stacks of platinum bracelets by Neil Lane jewelry.

“Her breasts are very nice and round and it looks like she has had them done,” cosmetic physician Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Colorado, told Star magazine “If you look at the volume, it appears she has had a breast augmentation.” He compared the photos from Heroes 2011 award to the actress previous’. Whoever did them did a very good job. She might have had small implants, which is nice, because she is a small girl with a small frame.”

Another opinion came from Michael Niccole of Orange County, California’s Cosmeticare who said, “It appears that Miley has recently undergone breast enhancement surgery.” Eliminating the possibility that Miley had used help in the chest area, Niccole added, “Push-up bras are great for cleavage, but don’t help out a whole lot when it comes to the exterior breast volume, which is also what I notice in these photos.”

Now, New Jersey-based board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Glaat said the Disney star’s breasts appear fuller and show the outline of the implants. “Even a large weight gain would not produce breast enhancement to this degree without implants!” Glaat said.

– This is a FALSE rumour –


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2011 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute (Presenting)

2011 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute (Backstage & Audience)

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