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Late Saturday, RadarOnline posted an “exclusive” that claimed Miley Cyrus had “weighed in on the Demi Moore controversy” on her Facebook page.

“Everyone needs to leave Demi alone. She’s been through so much the past year. She doesn’t need the crap. How can you talk crap on someone you don’t know?” the site quotes Cyrus as supposedly writing.

The teen superstar then allegedly wrote, “The media makes everyone in Hollywood seem ‘weak,’ ‘stupid,’ or ‘unbalanced’… Just because [Moore's] in Hollywood doesn’t mean she’s on drugs. NOT EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS!!!”


In case you’re wondering how RadarOnline could have an “exclusive” on something the site claims Cyrus wrote on Facebook, there’s a simple answer.

The quotes are fabricated.

Cyrus never wrote about Moore on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter.

She and Moore headline the upcoming LOL, but Cyrus has not commented on her co-star’s recent personal issues.

“There’s no truth” to the RadarOnline report, a rep for Cyrus confirms to Gossip Cop.


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Miley Cyrus has weighed in on the Demi Moore controversy and taken to her Facebook page to show her support.

“Everyone needs to leave Demi alone,” she wrote. “She’s been through so much the past year. She doesn’t need the crap. How can you talk crap on someone you don’t know?”

As reported, Moore has checked into Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah and for treatment of anorexia and prescription and club drug abuse.

But Cyrus is adamant Moore’s troubles have nothing to do with illegal substances.

“The media makes everyone in Hollywood seem “weak,” “stupid,” or “unbalanced” …Just because she’s in Hollywood doesn’t mean she’s on drugs. NOT EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS!!!

“Put yourself in her shoes. How are you supposed to hold up while everyone in the world is so naïve and they believe everything the media says? Almost her entire life has been in the public eye.”


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We saw on Twitter that Miley Cyrus dared you to add crazy words into interviews – can you confirm you won’t do this today?!

[Laughs] “Yeah, I’m not gonna do that.”

You and Miley have more of a fiery relationship than the one you have with Selena – do you argue like sisters?

“Yeah definitely, she’s like a sister to me and she’s definitely my best friend.”

You’ve said Selena was the only friend who was really there for you when you were in rehab – has your friendship strengthened?

“Definitely, but other people were there for me too – Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, I had other people there for me, but I feel it definitely strengthened our friendship.”

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Miley Cyrus compared to Elvis Presley is a little startling, but godmother Dolly Parton knows what she’s talking about. “She’s like a little Elvis!” Dolly says. “The kids love her because she’s Hannah Montana, but what people don’t realize about her is she is such a fantastic singer and songwriter,” gushes the country icon. “She writes songs like she’s 40 years old! She’s really deep. I’m amazed at the talent that child has and the effect she has on people.”

Miley Cyrus is aware of the effect she has on people, especially her younger fans. She takes her position as a role model (she’s still only nineteen, herself) “very seriously,” the singer/actress/songwriter shares. “That’s why I try so hard to relate to my fans,” she says in an interview, and The Boot reports.

Well, Miley Cyrus’s intentions may be good, but some of her recent actions throw a little doubt on that plan—remember the cigarettes and salvia, the “stoner” references, the lewd birthday cake? She even swore at a fan—a definite no-no. Do you think that fan will ever forgive her?

Dolly Parton isn’t troubled. “I remember myself at her age. We’ve all been a bit too hard on her. I hope she holds it together because there’s a world of things she can do. She should keep an eye on things and make wise decisions.” Okay, good luck with that, but Miley Cyrus may be turning her attitude around.

Her career is on the upswing with a return to her country roots, in a Bob Dylan cover, “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go,” on a 4-CD album honoring Dylan. Miley is a hit. Country on.


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Miley Cyrus makes her love for her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, no secret, but she also has a lot of love for her dogs, Lila, Floyd, and her newest addition, Ziggy! While the media had been reported that the teen queen gave the pup to her guy as a birthday present, it does seem more than obvious that the dog is hers… or theirs at the very least.

“I’m in love with this girl,” Miley tweeted on Friday along with a photo of her holding Ziggy in the passenger’s seat of a car. She is just so in love with her dogs—she’s even said that she’d love to start her own organic dog line!

It is clear that Miley Cyrus is an animal lover. She is fortunate enough to be able to adopt dogs and give them a good home. She is so in love with all of her animals and they all get along really well which is also important. Something suggests that Ziggy won’t be her last adoption, do you agree?


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Out in Los Angeles with Liam (February 3rd, 2012)

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She may have grown up largely in the spotlight, but there was a time when Miley Cyrus wasn’t so well known.

And the 19-year-old singer today posted a picture of herself and her family where she couldn’t have been much more than four-years-old.

Sitting on a hay bale, the Cyrus clan look happy and relaxed as they pose for the snap, which includes four of the Cyrus siblings along with Miley’s parents Billy Ray and Tish.

In today’s Tweet, she pokes fun at her father’s pose, writing:

‘Awkward family photos. Look @billyraycyrus always giving face.’

Next to Billy Ray, a successful country singer in his own right, sits Trace Cyrus, Tish’s son from a previous relationship.

And the blonde youngster looks a far cry from the heavily tattooed black haired rock singer of today – he was recently a singer and guitarist for the now defunct rock band Metro Station.

Billy Ray is also father to a son, Christopher, from a previous relationship, who was born the same year as Miley, in 1992.

He and Tish are also parents to children Noah, now 11, and son Braison, now 17.

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Imagine finding someone you love more than anything in the world, who you would risk your life for but couldn’t marry. And you couldn’t have that special day the way your friends do—you know, wear the ring on your finger and have it mean the same thing as everybody else. Just put yourself in that person’s shoes. It makes me feel sick to my stomach.

When I shared a picture of my tattoo on my Twitter page and said, “All LOVE is equal,” a lot of people mocked me—they said, “What happened to you? You used to be a Christian girl!” And I said, “Well, if you were a true Christian, you would have your facts straight. Christianity is about love.” The debate resulted in a lot of threats and hate mail to people who agreed and disagreed with me. At one point I had to say, “Dude, everyone lay off.” Can’t people have friendly debates about sensitive topics without it turning into unnecessary threats?

I believe every American should be allowed the same rights and civil liberties. Without legalized same-sex marriage, most of the time you cannot share the same health benefits, you are not considered next of kin and you are not granted the same securities as a heterosexual couple. How is this different than having someone sit in the back of the bus because of their skin color?

One day I read online about the head of Urban Outfitters donating to a presidential candidate who does not support equality for everyone. I was shocked and disappointed that a company with such diversity would exclude such a large group of people. I can no longer bring myself to shop there.

We all should be tolerant of one another and embrace our differences. My dad [country singer Billy Ray Cyrus], who is a real man’s man, lives on the farm and is as Southern and straight as they come. He loves my gay friends and even supports same-sex marriage. If my father can do it, anyone can.

This is America, the nation of dreams. We’re so proud of that. And yet certain people are excluded. It’s just not right.