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Miley Cyrus is so in love with her pets that she takes them everywhere she goes. Okay, so the singer/actress doesn’t cart around her pooches every time she leaves the house, but she does keep them close to her heart.

Miley took to her Twitter account to show off her new bling. A huge ring which contains a photo of her two adorable dogs. Cyrus even joked that she’s officially a “crazy dog lady.”

It’s sweet that Miley Cyrus loves her pets so much. The famous teen has made no secret about the joy her pups bring her, and even gave boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, a doggy friend of his own as a birthday gift.

Hopefully, Miley’s love of canines will prompt her to donate big bucks to animal charities. There are so many animals being abused and abandoned in the United States, and someone with Cyrus’ type of money could really help.

Look out Betty White! Miley Cyrus may be stepping on your toes when it comes to animal love! Don’t worry, there are plenty of furry friends to go around.

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Miley Cyrus has come under fire from conservative campaigners in America after she was photographed posing suggestively with a phallic birthday cake.

The former child star hit headlines this week (beg23Jan12) after pictures from her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s 22nd birthday party emerged online.

The snaps showed Cyrus simulating oral sex with Hemsworth’s penis-shaped chocolate cake, and the pictures have infuriated activists at the Culture and Media Institute (Cmi) who claim the singer/actress could have a negative influence on easily-swayed teens.

A statement from the Cmi, obtained by, also condemns saucy new comedy movie The Bachelorette, which stars Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher as three foul-mouthed females attending a friend’s pre-wedding party.

The statement reads, “Movies like Bachelorette and disgusting behaviour like Cyrus’ may be part of the ‘real world’ of Hollywood, where casual sex is celebrated and frequent divorce is almost a rite of passage. But it is not the real world, because in the real world, sleazy behaviour has consequences.”


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“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” isn’t taking any chances during February sweeps. In order to win the ratings race, Ellen has landed what’s being dubbed the exclusive joint interviews with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Taylor Swift and Zac Efron. She will also sit down with First Lady Michelle Obama and celebs like Jennifer Aniston and has a host of musical talent heading to daytime.

DeGeneres will talk music with Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, but there will also be some rocking performances. Folks like Miley Cyrus will stop by throughout February to perform their tracks from the Bob Dylan cover album, “Chimes of Freedom,” a 4-CD collection that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Amnesty International. It’s not clear who else from the album will make an appearance, but possibilities include Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, Natasha Bedingfield, My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5 and many more.

Other big celebs scheduled include Denzel Washington, Rachel McAdams, Julie Bowen and Channing Tatum.

It bares mention that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony actually sat down together, already, and that appearance left those in attendance more than a little frustrated. The former couple was on-hand at the TCA press tour earlier this month to talk up their upcoming show, “Q’VIVA! The Chosen,” the same show they’ll be promoting on “Ellen.” In order to avoid the uncomfortable questions, however, they tried to avoid taking any questions at all. Hopefully, DeGeneres will fare better.

Here are a few key dates in February:

Thursday, Feb. 2: First Lady Michelle Obama will talk about her “Let’s Move” campaign, and
actor Daniel Radcliffe stops by. (this is the date Miley is rumoured to be performing)

Friday, Feb. 3, “The Voice” judges, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will make an appearance.

Monday, Feb. 13: The exclusive joint interview with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. They will be joined by host/creator, choreographer Jamie King of their new talent series, “Q’VIVA! The Chosen.”

Tuesday, Feb. 21: Taylor Swift and Zac Efron will make their only appearance together to talk about their animated film “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.”

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Celebrating Liam’s Birthday (January 21st, 2012)

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Miley Cyrus is worried about her LOL co-star, Demi Moore, who was hospitalized on Monday night. The former Disney star bonded with her on-screen mother, and is now concerned for her health and safety.

Demi was rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure, and is reportedly being treated for exhaustion, substance abuse, and anorexia. (Did you see that one coming?) Sources close to Miley are revealing that the singer is praying for her former co-star, and wishing her the best.

“Miley has heard about Demi’s troubles and feels really bad. She is praying for her,” said one insider. This makes the second Demi in Cyrus’ life to enter treatment for drug problems, and an eating disorder. (Friend, Demi Lovato, made headlines for her problems in 2010.)

Hopefully, Miley Cyrus is taking notice on what Hollywood can do to a celebrity, and staying clear of all the negative people, and substances. Perhaps, boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, is helping her with that! Here’s to a speedy recovery for Demi Moore!


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Newsflash: Miley Cyrus is now 19 years old. She’s no longer starring on Disney TV shows or singing at Disney World as Hannah Montana. In the past year alone, she’s made it clear she likes to party, has a dirty mouth on occasion, and enjoys smoking a popular, albeit illegal substance. So it really should come as no surprise that the entertainer was photographed in a provocative pose with a huge penis cake presented to her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, for his birthday last weekend.

Yes, you read that right. Former Disney star + phallic dessert = SHOCKER! Oh, yeah, and she also was said to be “drinking alcohol and partying all night.” Hellooooo, Captain Obvious.

*looking at my watch* Yes, I think it’s about time to get over it. It’s become BLATANTLY obvious that Miley’s no squeaky-clean Taylor Swift, and thank goodness for that! (I’m tellin’ ya, some day that Taylor is going to have a serious Michael Jackson moment and wonder why she kept dressing like a 5-year-old in frilly dresses and having school-yard crushes well into her double digits.)

More on Miley Cyrus: New Miley Cyrus Tattoo Shows She’s a Good Role Model After All

The fact is, whether you like it or not, if Miley was a normal 19-year-old, she would probably be doing these very same things or much worse at college. Everyone knows that age is prime time for extreme partying and throwing caution to the wind to take raunchy photos. How many now almost 30-year-olds still have Facebook photos — or if they’re smart, photos hidden on an old hard drive — of themselves a.) holding an entire bottle of vodka, b.) posing with some kind of X-rated gag gift, c.) posing inappropriately, or d.) all of the above?

Most of us have been there, done that. But because Miley used to be a kiddie star and is still famous, we think she needs to be held to a higher standard? Pffft, pleeeeease. At 19, the girl just wants to have fun. No big deal, although, some day — maybe when she has her own kids — she might wish she wasn’t quite so snap-happy, at least not around the penis cake …


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She made her name as loveable Disney schoolgirl-turned songstress Hannah Montana. But 19-year-old Miley Cyrus has made quite a departure from her squeaky clean former alter ego. In an image which will shock her young fans, the singer and actress posed provocatively with an X- rated cake for her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s birthday this weekend.

In pictures on website TMZ, Miley is seen bending down with her tongue out towards the phallic-shaped cake at the bash, held at Club Icon in Downtown Los Angeles.

The very rude confection featured a ‘Happy Birthday’ message to Australian actor Liam who turned 22 on January 13. Photographs show the star, who met Liam on the set of the film The Last Song, striking a number of provocative poses towards the cake, including one where she is brandishing a cake knife.

She is also seen holding a giant orange drink up towards the camera. Sources tell TMZ that Miley was allegedly ‘drinking alcohol and partying all night.’

Calls made by the website to the singer’s representatives regarding Miley’s antics were not initially returned. Miley certainly seemed to be having a good time at the bash, sporting a bright orange jacket over a revealing black dress which showed her midriff.

Lace topped stockings completed the look along with bright red lipstick and smoky eye-shadow. Indeed, she looked much older than her 19-years as she posed alongside a female friend with a finger in her mouth. Another picture shows her kissing Liam and throwing her arms around his neck.

This is not the first time Miley’s partying has come under the microscope.

Last year, the singer stunned guests at her birthday party at Hollywood’s Roosevelt hotel when she told them she was a ‘stoner,’ after being presented with a Bob Marley cake. ‘You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake,’ the star exclaimed on footage from the party. ‘You know you smoke way too much f***ing weed!’ The incident came after footage was taken of the star using a bong to inhale the legal herb salvia the previous year.

However, her representative said the ‘stoner’ comments were ‘taken out of context.’ They added: ‘The cake was a joke and Miley’s response was intended to be sarcastic.’


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Miley Cyrus recently posted a photo of herself as a child on Twitter and while her fans gushed over how adorable she was, she didn’t exactly agree.

The former ‘Hannah Montana’ star backed away from talking about how cute she was as a little girl, and instead she likened herself to the homicidal toy named ‘Chucky’ in the 1988 horror film ‘Child’s Play’. She wrote;

“How creepy is my new profile picture! As a baby I looked like a Chuckie doll!”

Miley also wrote a message to her mother about the baby picture, commenting on her “chubby arm”. She said;

“@tishcyrus why when i was a baby you didn’t you put me on a diet?!?! Look at my chubby arm! How does one even have a wrist roll!”


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Selena Gomez not only has a pop sensation boyfriend in Justin Bieber and a best friend in fellow singer-starlet Taylor Swift, she’s also apparently a big fan of another young entertainer (and fellow Disney star): Miley Cyrus. Gomez was reportedly seen at the Luis Munoz Marin Airport in Puerto Rico on Monday afternoon with her so-called entourage, which most likely included her band members from the Scene. They were en route to Panama for another concert, but the “Who Says” songstress wasn’t humming the lyrics to her own songs. Instead she was moving and grooving to a popular beat by Cyrus!

While grabbing a bite to eat at the airport’s Tropical D’lights Bar & Grill, Gomez was seen “bobbing her head and singing along to Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’,” according to Celebuzz. A waiter at the restaurant also confirmed she was “sweet” and “beautiful,” but most fans already are aware of that little piece of info. It’s always so fascinating to see what kind of music (other than their own!) popular entertainers like Selena Gomez gravitate towards. After successful stage time in Puerto Rico, not to mention some time with her main guy, Justin Bieber, who visited her there, Gomez must have been feeling the “Party” vibe.

Selena Gomez may be a fan of Miley Cyrus’ music, but it looks like she may also be taking a page from the former Hannah Montana’s style playbook. At the airport, Gomez went super-casual, slightly grungy, but also a bit sexy with an ensemble that daresay resembled a Cyrus outfit. Daily Mail has the photos of her fashion statement, which included super-short lace hot pants paired with a ripped sheer white T-shirt through which her hot pink bra was easily glimpsed. She also wore a long patterned cardigan over it all. Short shorts and sheer shirts? Definitely hints of Miley moments, there… of course, she would have probably skipped the bra.