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“So … I’m thinking about getting [my dog] Floyd into modeling,” Miley Cyrus confessed on Twitter earlier this month. “But I’m scared I’m gonna turn into one of those crazy stage moms.”

The pop star has since set her fears aside and put her three dogs – Floyd, Lila and Ziggy – in front of the cameras, and all for a good cause.

The three pups each took a solo turn looking their fiercest for photographer Vijat Mohindra. Lila the Yorkie wore her nautical dress, while Ziggy the English bulldog and Floyd the Alaskan klee kai stayed in the buff.

These headshots will only be used for castings, according to Cyrus, so expect more cuteness to come. And though she hasn’t shared specifics, Cyrus says all the proceeds from the pups’ photos will go to help other rescue animals.


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At Paty’s Restaurant In Toluca Lake (February 19th, 2012)

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At Studio City Tattoo (February 18th, 2012)

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Out In Los Angeles (February 18th, 2012)

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Adding some new ink to her ongoing collection, Miley Cyrus hit up Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, California for a new tattoo on Saturday night (February 18).

According to a TMZ report, the “Party in the USA” songstress turned up for her appointment around 8 PM, arriving with a few pals and beau Liam Hemsworth in-tow.

As for the new tat, Miss Cyrus decided upon a meaningful message “Love Never Dies” for her left bicep, while the rest of her gang opted against any needlework.

The fresh ink was aplied by Studio City Tattoos’ own Illya, the same artist credited for designing some of Cyrus’ other markings.


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Miley Cyrus’ recent semi raunchy photo with her older sister Brandi is raising some eyebrows again. The photos were tweeted out from Brandi Cyrus to their mother, Tish, and show both Cyrus girls just being goofy for the cameras.

A blonde Miley is shown next her red-headed sister, Brandi. Miley’s poses and outfit is a lot more provocative, but what’s new, right? The singer is wearing a strappy tank top while her sister sports a demin jacket. In one of the photos, Miley is shown looking down with her tongue out in a sultry way whilst Brandi has and quirky look on her face.

The photos were part of a family photo shoot, and it was quite nice of Brandi Cyrus to share them with the world. Sometimes it is easy to forget that you no longer have any privacy when you or one of your closest relatives is a mega superstar. And worse still is that rumors can stem from the most ridiculous and uneventful things once you are touched by fame.


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Word about town has it that the South Australian Film Corp is pitching to get a major film starring Hollywood tween star Miley Cyrus to be filmed here.

While details are shady at this time, I hear that if the pitch is successful the film could be shot at the end of the year or in early 2013.

Miley famously visited Adelaide on her world tour last year when she met fans at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital before causing controversy with her risque performance.

The last time she was here, Miley also reportedly spent a lengthy visit at a solarium to top up her tan. Let’s hope the Film Corp has stocked up on some UV lights.


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Trace Cyrus has a lot to say and in a recent interview, he talks about a lot of things including his upcoming music projects, his fiance Brenda Song, and his sister Miley Cyrus. We have the video of the interview below.

The video is essentially a tour of his music studio. In the video clip, he talks about his solo music plans, he also mentions that he still doesn’t have any plans to reunite with his old band Metro Station. He mentions that he feels his youthful teenage years are gone as he’s engaged(to Brenda Song) and they own their own home. He also talks about his plans on write more love songs for his next album, why he has a Led Zeppelin poster in his studio, why his father is the reason he does music, and what his sister Miley Cyrus thinks of his music

The entire interview with Trace Cyrus is quite revealing. It’s great to know that even though he’s taking an indefinite break from Metro Station, he’s still making music. It’s also awesome to know that he’s close with his family.

Watch the video here.

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Actress/singer Miley Cyrus was left red faced on Thursday (16Feb12) when photographers caught the HANNAH MONTANA star stepping out of her car with her pants unbuttoned.

The fashion-forward 19 year old pulled up to a pizzeria in Los Angeles wearing a pair of high-waisted acid-wash jeans, but The Last Song beauty had forgotten to pull her look together before facing the paparazzi.

However, the star refused to let the incident upset her – a cool, calm and collected Cyrus covered the wardrobe mishap with her hand and flashed cameras a shy smile as she fixed the problem.


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Leaving California Pizza Kitchen in LA (February 16th, 2012)

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You’d think it was a given that Miley Cyrus already has plans to see Hunger Games.

But her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who stars in the highly-anticipated movie, admits he’s not even sure if Cyrus is a fan of the young adult book franchise…

“Well she didn’t know about it until I got attached to it,” Hemsworth told us last night at the launch party for Sony PlayStation’s new PS Vita portable entertainment system in L.A. “And then she read the book. I hope she liked it. I don’t even know. She better watch it!”

The 22-year-old Aussie actor echoed what his Hunger Games costar Josh Hutcherson told us about signing on for Games’ possible two sequels.

“If it does as well as everyone’s expecting it to do, then I imagine they’ll go ahead,” he said. “I love the books. The books are great ,so if we get to shoot all three films I’ll be really happy.”

Also on the horizon for Hemsworth is Expendables 2 opposite legendary action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

“It was pretty amazing,” he dished. “I grew up watching all those guys and I remember just sitting on set the first day and I had this scene where I had a bunch of dialogue and it was just my character talking in front of all these guys… I was like, ‘Oh my god. I’m sitting with some of my biggest action idols that I’d grown up watching and now I’m on set with these guys.’ It was a real pinch-yourself moment.”


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Miley Cyrus’s partying antics have left her friends fearing that she will “overdose”.

A number of insiders have told Star magazine that Miley has been “partying, drinking and using drugs,” so much so that their growing more and more concerned about her health.

Just days after her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth publicly slammed the intrusive reports surrounding his girlfriend. It appears that sources suggest Miley is heading for a downfall.

“She pretends like she is this perfect little girl to the public, but behind closed doors, she is really messed up,” a source close to the former Disney star said.

While another added: “Miley has been partying and boozing a lot.”

Miley’s new pals are to blame, with some suggesting that the star “runs with a very shady, drug-using group”.

“We are afraid Miley will overdose,” says one of her friends.

Meanwhile a source from Miley’s camp has slammed the “absurd” report and insisted that there’s “no truth to any of it”.

Let’s hope Miley isn’t on a slippery slope…