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Guess Miley’s new year’s resolution to stop inhaling the cancer sticks is out the door. We caught the mega star puffing away in a car!

Just like us with our new fitness routines, it looks like Miley Cyrus is having a hard time sticking to her New Year’s resolution to quit smoking. What a bummer!

As we reported in late December, a pal of Miley’s claimed that the 19-year-old wanted to quit smoking as a new year’s resolution. Fast forward to a ridiculous long month later, and BAM! (Or should we say PUFF?!) OceanUp caught the singer/actress with a stick in her hand as she zoomed off in a car with friend Cheyene Thomas.

Although we don’t condone smoking, we can’t blame Miley too much. She’s had a rough couple of days, since attempting a front flip on her sofa and cracking her tailbone. Try to stay on the wagon, Miley!


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Former Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic is okay with pop star covering Nirvana classic

Remember when pop starlet Miley Cyrus took to the stage to cover Nirvana’s groundbreaking single “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and fans were up in arms over the rendition? Well, former Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic is okay with it. Getting covered by the next generation is a compliment, right?

When asked by a Twitter follower what he thought of Cyrus’ now-famous rendition of the famed grunge-pop nugget, Novoselic replied, “Yes I approve of miley cyrus covering smells like teen spirit.” He followed that with a slight disclaimer that he only approved of the idea of Cyrus covering the track, since he hasn’t heard it yet: “… I need to hear the version itself, so I only approve of the concept. Bless you and the ground you walk on.” Say you’re like Novoselic and haven’t seen the clip yet? Watch it, below.

Looking back on 20 years of “Nevermind” — the 1991 album that features “Smells Like Teen Spirit” — Novoselic says he has a much better perspective about the release now than he did when Nirvana fever exploded in the early-‘90s. “Yes, 20 years since Nevermind! You know that the time from when the album was released and the tragic way the band ended seems like a decade in itself but it was actually two and a half years,” he told Gibson. “It was an intense time and a lot happened that it feels like the period is longer. Things were never the same after that and the subsequent time was more normal – whatever that means! Suffice it to say I have much better perspective after 20 years than I did after two.”


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Miley Cyrus is clumsy! The former Disney star cracked her tailbone when she attempted (and failed) to do a flip, and landed on her couch. Ouch! It looks like Miley will be spending the next few days lying around the house, and icing her behind.

“Cracked my tail bone doing a front flip… on to the couch,” Cyrus said, recalling another time her clumsiness caused her pain. “That’s like when I tripped over a pillow and broke my arm. Only me,” she joked.

At least Miley Cyrus can laugh at herself when she does something silly. No one should ever take themselves too seriously. It might not be a bad idea for Miley to stay in for a few days after last week’s photo scandal, which Cyrus was seen in a few racy poses next to an explicit birthday cake.

Hopefully, Liam Hemsworth will be there to take care of Miley Cyrus. With a good-looking boyfriend like that, Cyrus may want to consider milking her injury for all it’s worth. Feel better soon, Miley!


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Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing what appears to be an engagement ring while on her way to have lunch with Liam Hemsworth.

The former Disney star made headlines for wearing a plaid shirt and acid wash mom jeans yesterday, so with such an atrocious ensemble, it’s not surprising that everyone failed to miss her very special accessory—a sparkler on her left ring finger. So is the 19-year-old really planning to wed her The Last Song costar?

You can check out the photo of her ring here to see if you think it’s the real deal, but even if it looks legit, that certainly doesn’t mean anything. Not too long ago Selena Gomez was also photographed wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring, but she and Justin Bieber haven’t made a wedding announcement yet. Perhaps young starlets like Selena and Miley Cyrus just like to mess with the press every now and then by wearing sparklers on their ring fingers.

However, Miley and Liam Hemsworth have been together since 2009, which is practically forever in Hollywood years, so maybe he did pop the question. And of course Miley might want to make her man put a ring on it ASAP—when Liam’s movie, The Hunger Games, hits theaters, he is going to get tons of female attention. So perhaps she charmed him into popping the question with that lovely penis cake she got him for his birthday.

Speaking of penis cakes, can you imagine how wild a Miley bachelorette party would be? It’s hard to picture what kind of crazy cake her maid of honor would have to have baked up to top the phallic pastry she got Liam and that Bob Marley cake that sparked reports of her being a pothead. But it’s penis cakes and pothead jokes that could be seen as evidence that Miley isn’t quite mature enough to walk down the aisle just yet.

So what do you think—was Miley Cyrus’ sparkler an engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth, or was she just messing with the press by wearing a meaningless trinket on her ring finger? One thing is for sure—hopefully she was wearing those horrible mom jeans as a joke.


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Miley and Liam aren’t embarrassed to show off their love on Twitter — or at lunch Aren’t they SO adorable?!

It’s so obvious Miley Cyrus, 19, is completely infatuated with Liam Hemsworth, 22, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

The pop star took it to Twitter to tweet love lyrics from the song “On the Other Side,” by Indie band, Augustana on Jan. 30. And even though they weren’t directly to Liam on Twitter — we know they’re totally about him.

“I don’t know where the winds of change will blow but when I’m with you I don’t want to know,” she tweeted on Jan. 30.

How adorable! They must be so in love right now. And just two days ago, the two were spotted smooching at lunch with a friend in LA.


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Miley Cyrus is only 19 years old, but she was recently spotted out wearing mom jeans. Is she taking fashion advice from Jessica Simpson? The former Disney darling was photographed rocking the interesting look during a lunch date with boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.

Miley and Liam looked happily in love as they dined, but others looked in horror when they saw Cyrus’ choice of attire. The actress/singer sported a red sleeveless flannel shirt, which she tied into a knot at her waist, and very high-waisted jeans. (It was like watch a bad ’80s movie!)

Miley Cyrus is a gorgeous young woman, but this may not have been her best look. However, she didn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions, and that’s always a plus. While Cyrus covered up during the day date, she should have chosen a different pair of pants.

Of course, it’s Miley Cyrus’ choice to wear whatever she wants, but paparazzi, and fans, will always have an opinion on her style.


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Out for Lunch in Hollywood (January 29th, 2012)

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Miley Cyrus and boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, were pictured having a romantic lunch date in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. Clad in a plaid cut off shirt and jeans with the equally rugged-looking Hemsworth, Cyrus can be seen leaning in for a kiss from her man in between bites. Trying to show off some arm muscles for us, Miley?

The former Hannah Montana star’s jeans were notably whitewashed and high-waisted —perhaps going for a little Days of Thunder, Nicole Kidman look to impress her Australian mate.

As if the pictures weren’t enough to convince the world of their love, Cyrus also tweeted her enthusiasm for her relationship with Hemsworth over the weekend: “If you have love, you don’t need to have anything else. If you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have,” succeeded by, “In my wildest dreams you always play my hero. In my darkest hours of the night you rescue me, you save my life.”

Wow, sounds like a Hollywood romance in every sense of the term. Let’s just hope, for your sake, Miley, that Liam continues to appreciate your lumberjack/1980’s era fashion sense. If your boyfriend does not come to your rescue, perhaps the fashion police will!

Could there be a romantic movie in the works starring these two? Liam’s brother, Chris Hemsworth, is actually playing Kristen Stewart’s heroic protector in Snow White and the Huntsman. One does not doubt that Cyrus will keep us updated.

As if the world does not receive enough up-to-the-second updates on the happenings of the relationships of the stars. Thank you Twitter, for letting us hear it straight from the cowgirl’s mouth.


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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth are so in love, and she recently talked about her devotion to him with her fans!

Miley, 19, wrote two tweets on Jan. 28 that seemed to be about her love life. First, she said,

“”If you have love, you don’t need to have anything else. If you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have””. Later, she wrote, “”In my wildest dreams you always play my hero. In my darkest hours of the night you rescue me, you save my life.””.

We think she had Liam, 22, in mind with those words, considering that a few hours earlier she wrote,

“Much needed chillllll pool day with my boooo. Thank you California for this lovely sunshine! Can’t believe I’m laying out in January!”


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@MissKellyO: I am the equivalent of a crazy cat lady… But just with Sid!
@MileyCyrus: @MissKellyO me too dude! But with 3 frickin dogs! Haha

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As if his baby blues didn’t already put Liam Hemsworth in the running for Best Boyfriend on the Planet, this story sure does. The Aussie actor consoled girlfriend Miley Cyrus, who was humiliated when the world saw photos of her posing provocatively with a penis-shaped cake.

Cyrus came under fire from fans, the media and conservative groups when the photos hit the Web. An underage Cyrus was pictured sipping cocktails and goofing around with Hemsworth’s phallic shaped birthday cake.

A Cyrus pal told Hollywood Life, “She was extremely embarrassed when the penis cake photos were released. She was having a fit that was only settled by Liam, who calmed her down and made her realize the funny side of the situation.” C’mon, admit it — you probably giggled at the pictures, too.

How did he do it? “He has started teasing Miley about it in a loving way and has actually made her laugh about the ridiculousness of the pictures,” the source continued.

We’re glad Hemsworth and Cyrus have a sense of humor about the situation. Cyrus wasn’t the only girl to ever regret photos taken while she’s silly at a party. While most people only have to worry about getting tagged with red cups on Facebook, Cyrus has to worry about being plastered all over the Internet. Let’s all have a chuckle about this and move on. After all, the person who should be the most embarrassed is actually Hemsworth. Why would his friends order him a cake like that?!


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Following the release of photographs of Miley Cyrus munching on a manhood-shaped cake this week, the starlet is under fire from conservative groups. One of them in particular, the Culture and Media Institute, ripped into the ‘Party in the U.S.A.’ singer, saying she sells “sleaze” — but that it may not be entirely her fault.

The Culture and Media Institute’s spokesman, Dan Gainor, told Radar Online, “Miley Cyrus, who made her career as the family friendly ‘Hannah Montana,’ has grown into the latest example of how Hollywood warps young actresses into selling sleaze.” Unless Cyrus was receiving royalties from the bakery, we don’t think she was necessarily selling anything with those particular photos — just goofing around with her pals.

“She is following a parade of former Disney stars — such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Lindsay Lohan — that the entertainment industry has manipulated into role models promoting sex to their young fans,” Gainor continued. ”The actresses know that the more sexualized they act, the more Hollywood will reward them. And no one, not the industry and not the pop-tarts themselves, cares that they are pushing sex to an underage audience.”

In fairness to Cyrus and the other aforementioned starlets, Disney has never condoned their sexualized behavior, but often allegedly suppresses it to maintain a squeaky clean image for the brand. When the young ladies spend their entire adolescence in front of cameras and under the media microscope, seemingly normal things look like huge scandals. It can also be argued that their behavior is actually a form of rebellion against the flawless images they’re forced to present and the pressures that result from them. It has to be frustrating to have to appeal to tweens when you’re coming to terms with your own adulthood.

We doubt Cyrus was the first 19-year-old to imbibe underage and act foolishly as a result. Let’s cut the girl a break. After all, she’s just bein’ Miley.