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In the ongoing “Blurred Lines” trial, Pharrell Williams is now testifying that he was actually inspired by Miley Cyrus and Earl Sweatshirt, rather than Marvin Gaye. The Gaye family claims that the Robin Thicke song sounds too much like Marvin’s “Got To Give It Up,” but Pharrell told the court on Wednesday that he only modeled the song after “the feel” of the ’70s.

“I had Earl Sweatshirt in one room and Miley Cyrus in the other. I was doing a bunch of country-sounding music with Miley,” he said, according to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that bluegrass and “yodeling” were on his mind when we went to work on Thicke’s song. “It was like blending this country sound with this up-tempo groove.”

However, in previous media interviews, both Pharrell and Thicke said they fashioned the song after “Got To Give It Up.” Thicke has testified that he was drunk and high on Vicodin during the interviews. He also claims that, while he has songwriting credit for the track, he didn’t write it, and only took credit for the song because he didn’t want to accept that he didn’t come up with it himself. Pharrell corroborated this story. The song has made $16 million, according to figures presented in court. P has made $5.2 on the song, while Thicke has made $5.6 million.

Now that it’s on Pharrell, the super-producer is saying that he only tried to mimick the sound of an era: “I must’ve been channeling —” he paused — “that feeling, that late-’70s feeling. Sometimes when you look back on your past work, you see echoes of people. But that doesn’t mean that’s what you were doing.”


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Despite what the Parents Television Council would have you believe, Miley Cyrus is still a Disney girl at heart.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer hit up Disneyland on Saturday (Feb. 28), where she ran into an old friend: Pluto the dog.

“Reuniting with Pluto,” Miley captioned the photo. “Long time no see.” That’s really sweet. Now, who’s going to break it to her that Pluto’s a cartoon character and the “dog” she’s hugging is actually some rando in a fursuit?

The 22-year-old singer didn’t hit up the park alone. Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger and little sister Noah Cyrus were along for the ride, too — even when that ride got scary af.


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Come this March, the 2015 YouTube Music Awards will honor artists in a whole new way.

For this year’s event, the YouTube Music Awards picked 50 winners based on views, subscribers and engagement over the last six months.

Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Meghan Trainor, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, OK Go, Rihanna, Charli XCX, Drake, Big Sean, Sia and Sam Smith are among the winners, according to a press release.

Unlike the inaugural 2013 show, which was live, the 2015 event will try out a new format. For the event, YouTube is working with nine artists (hopefully more soon), including some on the list as well as emerging artists, to create original music videos. They will debut all at once at 10 a.m. PT on March 23.

Charli XCX, Sheeran, Martin Garrix, Max Schneider, Migos, Megan Nicole, Cahoots, Nicky Jam and Shamir will get the video treatment.

VICE has been enlisted to produce the event and A-list music video directors have been selected to helm the clips from both established chart-toppers and up-and-coming artists. Fans will also be able to get in on the fun. The press release notes that artists will take some fans behind-the-scenes and invite others to be a part of the videos.


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Madonna has said she “loves” Miley Cyrus.

Filming The Jonathan Ross Show in London, the singer dismissed criticism voiced by veteran singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell that women in pop are sexually exploited.

“We live in a different time,” she told Ross. “Image is a big part of our work. We are exploring our sexuality.” In Mitchell’s era, she suggested, “I don’t think sexuality was something women were owning up to.”

“I love Miley [Cyrus], Gaga, all these guys,” she said.

When Ross pointed out that male pop stars weren’t quite so often seen stripped to their underwear, she replied, “Men aren’t as oppressed as women. Men have always objectified women. I was objectifying myself.”

Cyrus, a former child star, has been criticised for her overtly sexual behaviour and explicit music videos, such as the one that accompanied her single Wrecking Ball.

In an interview to be broadcast on ITV on March 14, Madonna appeared relaxed and healthy, having put her fall at the Brit Awards behind her. She laughed about flashing her posterior at photographers on the red carpet, blaming “that naughty devilish voice in my head that I sometimes listen to.”


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Miley Cyrus is wishing her big bro Trace Cyrus a happy 26th birthday!

The “We Can’t Stop” singer took to Instagram earlier to post a cute Photoshopped pic of her and Trace with birthday decorations. “Happy birthday to the most baddddd a$$$ brothaaaa any chick could eva ask for @tracecyrus,” she captioned the sweet shot.

But Miley isn’t the only family member sending out b-day wishes to Trace. Miley’s little sister Noah Cyrus posted a flashback pic of her and him hugging with a long message.

“Here’s a big throw back. Happy birthday big brother. I love you so much,” Noah wrote. “Remember that day in the picture? U and Mason were goingg on tour and i couldnt stop crying because i didnt want you to go. Ive never wanted you to go anywhere. You mean the world to me. Im so proud of u for so many different reasons .. One of them is how dedicated u r youve been working so hard with your music since 17 and all of your dreams r now coming true. I Hope your birthday is amazing. I love you so much tracey. Thank you for being one of the best big brothers i could ever ask for. Ps. Youre really old @tracecyrus.”

As for mama Tish Cyrus, she wrote, “Happy Birthday @tracecyrus I cannot believe how fast time is going by… I feel like I blinked and you went from a little baseball player with a mullet to a grown man that Im so proud of. I love u so so much and pray that u have an incredible year!”

Too cute.


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Vanity Fair Oscar After Party – Arrivals

Vanity Fair Oscar After Party – Inside

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23rd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party – Arrivals

23rd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party – Inside

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Miley Cyrus never misses a chance to make headlines.

And normally the superstar is being dissed for her I-do-what-I-want-and-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude. She has been putting out that edginess for a while now, ever since she broke out that tongue and foam finger for her performance with “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke, clearly making a line in the sand between her in “real life” and her on-screen, squeaky clean character, Hannah Montana, of yesteryear.

She continued to do her own thing during her surprise performance at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary show. The Bangerz star showed she doesn’t need to wear crazy (or no) clothes or dance around all provocatively to make a big impact.

Cyrus took the stage during the anniversary special in a rockin’ white pants suit and proceeded to belt out the most beautiful version of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.”

Her throaty, deep voice was pitch-perfect for this arrangement. She was backed up by a demur collection of instruments, including Fred Armisen nonchalantly playing tambourine in the background. And personally, I think the dude playing the bass drum almost stole the show from Cyrus; he was getting really into his own playing right behind her.

We kept hoping Simon might crash her performance since Cyrus crashed the opening monologue, but I think he might have been so taken aback by her performance, as we were, and thought she could handle it all on her own.

Cyrus used this epic SNL 40 show as a platform to silence all the haters and show the world that she’s got a damn good voice. And in my opinion, she totally shut it down, proving, beyond a doubt, why she is one of the top entertainers around today.

Fun fact for you: Cyrus and Simon are two entertainers in a small group who have both hosted and performed for Saturday Night Live! There’s your Jeopardy! trivia for the day. You’re welcome.

Now, don’t just take it from me. Let’s put her performance through to the ultimate litmus test: Twitter.

And the judges have decided. Cyrus’ performance: a total hit.

Check out some of the best tweets:

Miley Cyrus continues to surprise me. Love the way she owned that performance of “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” #SNL40

But for real @MileyCyrus rocked that performance. I can’t even understand the hate #SNL40

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus, but you can’t say her vocals aren’t killer.

Of course, there was a fair share of trolls, posting nothing but the usual trolly junk from people who clearly didn’t actually listen to her sing. Did Miley kill it or what?