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A diverse, all-star lineup of celebrities will take the stage as presenters for the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Spanning GRAMMY nominees, previous winners and stars from film and TV, this year’s presenters are current GRAMMY nominee Dierks Bentley; actor and late night TV host James Corden; current nominee Miley Cyrus; actor Josh Duhamel; Academy Award and GRAMMY winner Jamie Foxx; seven-time GRAMMY winner Barry Gibb; 15-time GRAMMY winner Dave Grohl; Academy Award and GRAMMY winner and current nominee Jennifer Hudson; four-time Latin GRAMMY winner and GRAMMY winner Enrique Iglesias; singer Nick Jonas; actress Anna Kendrick; actor Shia LaBeouf; actress Katharine McPhee; current nominee Nicki Minaj; Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow; current nominees Pentatonix; GRAMMY winner Smokey Robinson; three-time GRAMMY winner Nile Rodgers; Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez; Emmy-winning TV/radio host and producer Ryan Seacrest; seven-time GRAMMY winner and current nominee Taylor Swift; current nominee Meghan Trainor; four-time GRAMMY winner and current nominee Keith Urban; Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and 25-time GRAMMY winner Stevie Wonder; and singer the Weeknd.

Previously announced performers are GRAMMY-winning band AC/DC; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Beck; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Tony Bennett; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Mary J. Blige; nominee Eric Church; nominee Brandy Clark; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Common; nominee Ariana Grande; GRAMMY winner Herbie Hancock; nominee Hozier; nominee Jessie J; GRAMMY winner Tom Jones; 20-time Latin GRAMMY winner and current nominee Juanes; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Lady Gaga; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Miranda Lambert; internationally acclaimed pianist and GRAMMY Cultural Ambassador To China Lang Lang; GRAMMY winner and current nominee John Legend; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Annie Lennox; GRAMMY winner Adam Levine; the legendary Jeff Lynne’s ELO; GRAMMY winner Madonna; GRAMMY winner Paul McCartney; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Chris Martin; GRAMMY winner John Mayer; nominee Katy Perry; GRAMMY winner Questlove; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Rihanna; nominee Ed Sheeran; nominee Sia; nominee Sam Smith; GRAMMY winner Gwen Stefani; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Usher; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Kanye West; GRAMMY winner and current nominee Pharrell Williams; and GRAMMY winner Dwight Yoakam. Two-time GRAMMY winner LL Cool J returns as host.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards are produced by AEG Ehrlich Ventures for The Recording Academy. Ken Ehrlich is executive producer, Louis J. Horvitz is director, and David Wild and Ehrlich are the writers.

Music’s Biggest Night will take place live on Sunday, Feb. 8 at Staples Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).


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Miley Cyrus has found a permanent way to remember another fallen pet.

The 22-year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer just got a tattoo in honor of her fish that passed away. Her tattoo artist posted a picture of the black-and-white tattoo on his Instagram on Wednesday.

“R I P PBF @mileycyrus,” he wrote.

Miley revealed she lost her pet fish on Wednesday, writing on Instagram, “I hate goodbyes

She also posted her text messages with producer Mike Will Made It, stressing how upset she is about losing “PBF.”

“Thanks mc you know how much I love my fishies,” she wrote, to which he replied, “I already know u go hard for ur pets … U like the female dr dolittle.”


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Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger have one important thing in common: They both love pizza!

Last night, the 22-year-old “We Can’t Stop” singer was on hand to support her hunky boyfriend at the opening of his new Blaze pizza shop at the University of Southern California near downtown L.A.

The blond beauty was spotted at the eatery surrounded by fans in attendance. Schwarzenegger also posed for pics with his buddies and business partners. “BLAZE PIZZA USC IS OPEN! Come get a pizza from me and these idiots!” he wrote with one pic of him behind the pizza counter.

Cyrus also shared a pic of her hot boyfriend posing with friends.

“I’m only in disssss fooooo da fweeee @patrickschwarzenegger,” she wrote.

Free pizza? Count us in!

Meanwhile, Cyrus and Schwarzenegger recently enjoyed a romantic dinner date with his mom Maria Shriver. The lovebirds dined at Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood over the weekend.

“They all looked like they were having a great time—enjoying engaging conversation and laughing,” an eyewitness told with E! News exclusively. “It looked like Maria and Miley got along really well.”


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Tell people you’re going to L.A. to interview Miley Cyrus, and the reaction varies wildly, from enthusiasm to confusion to dismay. But one thing is constant: No one is indifferent.

Slouching on a futuristic white cube chair amid a disco-ball-strewn studio set in West Hollywood, the gravelly-voiced singer resembles a feisty anime character with her platinum crop, gleaming skin and outsized features. She’s in fact dressed much like a disco ball herself, in a sequined bomber jacket and miniskirt by British designer Ashish. She speaks fluidly and unreservedly in the confident way of a person who’s used to being listened to—but without a hint of the tongue-curling brat we’ve come to expect.

Since the 22-year-old singer shed her Hannah Montana stage-kid persona with the release of Bangerz in 2013 and adopted a provocative, unconventional style—in her foam-finger-humping stage spectacles, molly-popping lyrics, G-string-flashing photo shoots and generationally head-scratching Instagram account—she has become one of the most divisive and talked-about performers of our time. She’s the pop star whom parents of tween girls try (and fail) to shield their kids from, the twerking try-hard whom serious musicians dismiss and the designer of exuberant accessories (for Jeremy Scott) that fashion insiders roll their eyes at. In an era when being relevant is perhaps more important than being liked, though, this hasn’t exactly hurt her career.

Having established herself as a pre-eminent cultural figure, she’s turning her attention to more laudable pursuits: establishing her own organization for homeless youths in L.A. and approaching M.A.C to be part of its 2015 Viva Glam campaign, which has generated over $350 million since its inception in 1994 to support people living with AIDS. For it, she helped create a hot pink lipstick ($19) and glittery gloss ($18, both maccosmetics.com, 100 per cent of the sale price is donated) that’s “like hot pink lava but with a thousand crushed-up disco balls inside.”

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Reinvention seems to in the air of late — what with Miley Cyrus going all psych-punk and Justin Bieber’s pal Cody Simpson leaving his label and striking out on his own with his upcoming record, appropriately titled Free. In fact, Cyrus and Simpson recently came together for an act of rebirth with the Australian singer-songwriter’s newest track, “Flower,” for which Cyrus contributed original art.

“I told her where I was headed, and [Miley] was stoked,” Simpson told Rolling Stone of his beachy, sweet little love song. “I really admire how she’s really unorthodox and fun.”

When it came to creating art for the track, which harps on that old tradition of playing “she loves me, she loves me not” with petals, Cyrus was more restrained than with her “Dirty Hippie” collection.

Grabbing a dying flower from her apartment, Cyrus simply snapped away. “I shot it on some Polaroids, and then instead of complicating things, I said f–k it, I’m just going to shoot this shit on an iPhone,” she said. “I just wanted something where people didn’t have a stereotypical idea of what he was and could just look at the song for what it is, because it’s a f–king epic song.”

According to Simpson, we can expect more epic simplicity (if that’s a thing) when his Cisco Adler-produced record drops some time this summer — apparently his collab with Bieber is stalled for now. “This is the beginning of a long musical journey for me,” he said in a statement. “I’m sticking to my guitar. I know who I am. For the first time, I felt like I properly represented who I am as an artist. Being free from the pop world is the most incredible feeling.”

Simpson will perform “Flower” on “Good Morning America” Friday.


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Miley Cyrus has already shown her support for the gay community in a variety of ways—most recently with a visit to the L.A. LGBT Center. But the “Wrecking Ball” singer is apparently gearing up to perform a benefit concert in memory of Leelah Alcorn, the trans teen who took her life after facing rejection and hostility from her parents.

OhNoTheyDidnt points to Miley’s Instagram, which features a photo of her with notebook page titled “Leelah Set List”

mileycyrus #happyhippiefoundation doin sooooome mooooore bad a$$ to change the world we’re living in! Eradicating pointless judgment is at da veryyyyyyy top of my list! #ALLlivesmatter I can barely hold it in what this happy hippie is up toooooo!!!!!!! This shit gets me sooooo hypppppped! We aren’t free till we give everyone their own freedom! Don’t get stuck in your head and your own right & wrong! LOVE LOVE & MORE LOVE is what we are desperate for! Fuckkkkkyasssssshapppppyhippppie!

Cyrus recently launched her Happy Hippie Foundation which aims to fight injustice, starting with youth homelessness. She recently enlisted fellow pop star Cody Simpson into the cause.


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Miley Cyrus never ceases to shock and amaze us. Her pizza-filled Instagrams are epic, her outfit choices push boundaries on the reg, and she’s never afraid to experiment with her beauty game. You may think you know the star as you scroll through her rainbow feed, but it turns out Miley (the newly appointed MAC Viva Glam girl!) has a lot on her mind, and she isn’t afraid to speak it.

Teen Vogue beauty and health director Elaine Welteroth sat down with the singer to talk face wash, book clubs, and charity the night after the amFAR Gala in Los Angeles (where Miley dropped some serious cash money for HIV/Aids research and even challenged her gal pal Rihanna to a bid-off). And what she said might surprise you.

1. She’s bringing lip gloss back. Yup.

“I usually don’t wear gloss. I have to wear matte because even regular lipstick gets all over the microphone when I’m on stage and by the end of the day, I look like Courtney Love with lipstick all over my face. But now I’m crazed over my MAC Viva Glam Lipglass. The color is just so good and I’ve never seen anything like it. I wanted it to look like a bunch of crushed disco balls. It’s crunchy, feels cool, and is kind of cyber,” she says. If Miley says gloss is back, so do we.

2. Haters can keep on talking.

…as long as it’s for a good cause. With 15.5 million (and counting!) Instagram followers, Miley sees no shortage of comments—the good, the bad, the ugly. And she’s cool with that. “If everyone’s going to talk about me, I’m going to give them something good to talk about,” says the celeb who is all about bringing attention to causes she holds near and dear. For instance? Her MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam collab, where every cent from each lipstick and lipgloss sold goes to the MAC Aids Fund. “Maybe that conversation will bring awareness and start inspiring young girls and guys to be a little safer,” she explains. She even sports a huge safety pin in honor of her message.

3. Her fave person to follow on Insta is a random dude.

You’d think life as a celeb would mean hanging out with other equally famous celebs, but not Miley. She’s into regular people who do weird things. Take Micah, for instance. She follows him on Instagram and she’s obsessed. “There’s this guy, and his name is Micah—I follow him. I have no idea who he is. He’s this kid in Atlanta. He’s literally incredible. He wears full-on wigs. I love him,” she says. “There are people that I’ve never even met before but I stalk them on Instagram and I know their whole life.”

4. She’s a hardcore reader.

“There are so many books I love. There’s a Flaming Lips biography that’s my favorite. I also read a book with the craziest facts you would never know about the Beatles. Then there’s I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp by Richard Hell. It was the best book ever. I really love reading about musicians,” she says.

5. She still uses drugstore cleanser.

Miley clearly has access to the best beauty products out there, but sometimes basic isn’t such a bad thing. “I use Cetaphil. It’s a simple formulation, and gets everything off at once,” she says.

6. She’s a little OCD.

Only when it comes to two things, though: Her music and makeup. When Miley found out she was going to be involved in MAC’s campaign, she took matters into her own hands. “I was a psychopath. I felt so bad, because I would send like 45 emails a day. Then I got really obsessed with the campaign in general,” she says. Love a girl who means business.

7. She has a love/hate relationship with her hair.

It’s hard to imagine Miley without her bright blonde pixie cut, but she doesn’t advise you to follow her lead. “I’m now regretting the bleach. Never bleach your hair because it’s damaging and you can’t stop. It’s addicting. Me and Sky Ferreira, who’s on tour with me, have bleaching parties. We love the burn,'” she says.

8. She has a (high fashion) hoarding problem.

“I collect a lot of Chanel stuff. I keep most of it on shelves in my house as art pieces. I don’t even wear half the stuff I buy. I’ll buy crazy things that I’m never going to wear, but I have them because I’m a hoarder,” she says.

9. She can sum herself up in three words.

“Crazy is the first one. I would hope that people say I am compassionate to other people. And non-judgmental,” she says. We think she hit the nail on the head.

10. She could care less about fame.

Miley was born into a famous fam, but she’s just doing what she loves. “My dad always says to be happy and do what you love to do. Then it doesn’t ever feel like work. I don’t care about being famous. I just want to be me,” she says.


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Jeremy Scott‘s having another epic year already, considering he designed Katy Perry’s halftime show looks (well done, sir!) for the Super Bowl last night. So, today seems like an opportune time to present an unseen moment from The Daily‘s recent Fashion Los Angeles Awards (FLAs) last month, where Miley Cyrus presenting the “Designer of the Year’ award to Scott.

“When I do put on some clothes, most likely Jeremy Scott designed it,” Cyrus said during her speech.”You can thank him when I don’t have my titties out’ [Laughs] I wanted to start with saying, a few years ago I decided I wanted to go back into music, and I went straight to V magazine who I knew always celebrated, you know, young people being themselves, being free, being creative, knowing what they want to do, knowing who they want to be, and not being afraid of that. And, without knowing really much about Jeremy, I went to the rack and every single thing I came out wearing was Jeremy Scott. He was one of the designers that wasn’t afraid of me, especially in the beginning. He was willing to try to take a risk, and put clothes on [me]; no one knew what I was going to turn out to be. I don’t know if we still know what I’m going to turn out to be! [Laughs] But I’m standing here now, I’m clothed, and I’m here with Jeremy to present this award.” Watch Miley in action!

Click here for the full video!


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Nick Jonas recently dished on his favorite Miley Cyrus memory…and we were a bit disappointed, to be honest. We were hoping for some juicy insider info or something cute from when they dated, but sorry, Nick doesn’t play that way.

Nick told Capital FM that touring together was a highlight, explaining:

“It feels like so long ago! You’re talking like ten years ago. We were on tour together, that was pretty amazing and it was a really big tour and got a great response, so that probably. She was like 14 so she [wasn’t that wild]! I was crazy!”

That’s it? Nick, you disappoint us.

He redeemed himself when he tackled the radio show’s Instaoke game and had to sing “Baby Got Back.” There’s just something about Nick singing about big butts, isn’t there?


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American Sniper is not the Super Bowl box office champ after all — give that crown back to Miley Cyrus.

Final numbers released on Monday show that Sniper fell short of the Super Bowl box office record with $30.68 million over the weekend.

The record remains with Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, which opened during Super Bowl weekend in 2008 and grossed $31.1 million.

American Sniper had been crowned the new champ on Sunday based on initial studio estimates from distributor Warner Bros., which showed a three-day tally of $31.9 million. If it had stayed accurate, that would have been a new record.

But the estimated tally relied on a $5 million Sunday ticket total, up against the Super Bowl game between the England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

The actual Sunday box office totaled a lower $4.25 million, bringing American Sniper below the record.

The Clint Eastwood-directed film still owns a slew of box office records from its expectation-pounding opening January weekend and was the clear weekend winner on Sunday for the third weekend in a row.


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Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy gala is again shaping up to be the hottest ticket around the awards on Feb. 8.
While the “Man With the Golden Ears” famously keeps his performers a secret, the guest list for the Feb. 7 soiree at the Beverly Hilton is shaping up to be starry.

We’re told confirmed guests include current superstars Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Usher and Pharrell Williams, as well as legends Neil Young, Cyndi Lauper, Johnny Mathis, Barry Gibb, Herbie Hancock, Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy.

Apple’s Tim Cook will be there, along with Microsoft’s Paul Allen, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Michael Lynton amd NARAS’ Neil Portnow.


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Patrick Schwarzenegger’s mom may be a bigger smiler than we first thought!

As the University of Southern California student continues to express his love for girlfriend Miley Cyrus, more signs are showing that the entire Schwarzenegger family is a fan of this relationship.

E! News has learned the twosome headed to Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood, Calif., Friday night for another dinner date.

This time, however, Maria Shriver decided to join in on the fun and even sat at the head of the table, directly next to Cyrus!

“They all looked like they were having a great time—enjoying engaging conversation and laughing,” an eyewitness shared with E! News exclusively. “It looked like Maria and Miley got along really well.”

When Cyrus and Schwarzenegger weren’t sharing plates of food with the group, the two displayed a bit of PDA that certainly wasn’t over the top.

“I saw her put her arm on his shoulder and then he put his arm around her,” the eyewitness shared. “They were smiling a lot.”

And while they were sitting in the patio area, no other diners appeared to approach the group during the dinner. “Miley and Patrick were really cute together,” an eyewitness proclaimed. “They look like they are genuinely in love.”

Shriver’s dinner out signals the latest family member who is more than accepting of the “We Can’t Stop” singer.

Just last month, E! News learned Patrick’s dad Arnold Schwarzenegger had taken a liking to the former Disney star after enjoying a ski trip in Idaho with the couple. “Arnold has embraced her with open arms,” an insider dished to E! News.

In addition, Patrick’s uncle appeared to totally approve of the couple. “Anthony Shriver had a great time hanging out with his nephew and Miley during Art Basel,” a source told E! News after the pair traveled to Miami. “He said Miley was a lot of fun. As far as he’s concerned, the family has no problem with her.”

Besides, the love doesn’t stop with Miley and Patrick.

Her brother Braison Cyrus and his sister Christina Schwarzenegger met last November and have started dating. Pretty cute, y’all.