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We already told you…that ring on Miley Cyrus’ finger is not an engagement ring, which is probably a good thing, because Liam Hemsworth’s older brother Chris Hemsworth doesn’t see a wedding happening anytime soon.

No, it’s not because he doesn’t approve of his bro’s girlfriend (imagine Thor not liking you? That would suck, big-time).

It’s for a very valid reason…

“They’re like 21 or something…I can’t see that happening,” he told us. “You have to ask him about his relationship.”

Ah yes, the whole age thing. We guess they’re too young to tie the knot (after all, not everyone’s as eager to get married as Courtney Stodden was).

As for Hemsworth’s love life, the married hunk is expecting his first baby, but he’s keeping all the gender deets under wraps.

“It’s definitely one of them [boy or girl]…It’s a secret.”

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Leaving Pilates Class In West Hollywood (April 11th, 2012)

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Miley Cyrus is having a rough week, month or year, depending on how you look at it. She is constantly criticized and ridiculed for every little thing she says, does and wears, or doesn’t wear in some cases. Why is the media so obsessed with bringing this young woman down? What has she done to irritate so many people that people look for fault in everything she does?

Despite the constant negative attention, Miley has found somebody who inspires her, Ashley Judd. Ashley found herself in the center of some negative media attention and can certainly empathize with Miley. The older actress managed to keep her mouth shut during her little media heyday, but now she is hitting back.

Ashley wrote an article slamming critics for picking on her, and Miley found her words to be inspiring. The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer offered Ashley support and thanks:

“thank you @AshleyJudd This article was music to my ears. Beautifully said and beyond inspiring. I hope everyone woman reads this.”

Miley puts on a brave face and pretends the nasty comments and media taunts do not bother her, but she is a young woman who deals with the same insecurities as every other young lady out there. She is staying strong and tweeted, “The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator.” Keep your head up, Miley Cyrus. This too shall pass.

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I’m going #withoutshoes today so kids don’t have to. Join me: http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com

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Shopping in Calabassas (April 10th, 2012)

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Miley Cyrus may have encouraged her fans on Twitter to try a gluten-free diet, but nutritional experts feel otherwise.
On Sunday, the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer denied rumors she’s battling anorexia and seemed to explain her recent weight loss as a result of a food allergy.

“For everyone calling me anorexic, I have a gluten and lactose allergy,” the 19-year-old actress tweeted. A gluten-free diet excludes foods containing gluten, a protein found in wheat. “It’s not about weight — it’s about health. Gluten is crap anyway!”

Cyrus then told one fan: “Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing. You won’t go back!”

Not so fast!

Rachel Begun, a registered dietitian and food industry consultant, told Today’s Health that only those who have been diagnosed with a gluten-related disorder should go on a gluten-free diet.
In fact, Begun said “People who go gluten-free may gain weight if they rely mostly on highly-processed gluten free foods, many of which tend to be higher in fat, calories and sugar than their gluten-containing counterparts.”

Karen Ansel, also a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, agreed.

“There’s absolutely no evidence that a gluten-free diet promotes weight loss,” Ansel explained. “However, there is data that indicates that following a gluten-free diet can result in a diet that’s low in key nutrients — especially iron, zinc and B vitamins such as folate and niacin.”

Cyrus isn’t the only star who goes gluten-free with their diet. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has suffered from Celiac’s disease and wrote The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide to help others.

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Miley Cyrus has a lot of cute things in her life. From her super-hunky boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, to her three dogs, she is one lucky lady—and she knows it! Not only is Miley in love with her man, but she has a big heart when it comes to animals and she talks about them a lot more than she talks about Liam!

“I can’t handle how cute my baby is,” Miley tweeted on Sunday night along with a photo.

While some fans were expecting to see a picture of her with Liam, they got a picture of Miley’s bulldog, Ziggy, instead. Technically he is her “baby,” so it totally makes sense that she was referring to him.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are very much in love but they don’t really flaunt it on Twitter. Chances are if Miley is talking about something adorable or something that makes her extremely happy, it’s one of her dogs. That’s not to say that Liam is any less important in her life, it just goes to show that she’s a proud dog-mama!

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Singer/actress Miley Cyrus has fired back at false reports she is starving herself to stay thin.

The former Hannah Montana star sparked criticism after taking to her Twitter.com page on Easter Sunday (08Apr12) and posting a photo of herself taking a whiff of fast food, alongside the caption, “I can’t eat it. So I’m just gonna smell the s**t out of it! My mouth is literally watering.”

Followers began accusing Cyrus of drastic dieting, but she was quick to explain her reason for saying no to junk food.
She wrote, “For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health. Gluten is c**p anyway!… I ate today at Easter lunch but all of it was healthy and even more fulfilling! Health is happiness!”

Cyrus also urged her fans to adopt a gluten-free diet, adding, “Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing! You won’t go back!”

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