Ive added some more stills from Mileys upcoming movie The Last Song. She looks amazing, you should take a look!



Ive added the cover from the April edition of Teen Vogue to the gallery, check it out!


Out in Hollywood



For the past four years, Miley Cyrus has played Hannah Montana, a teenager balancing her down-home persona with global superstardom. So its easy to see her as an untouchable Hollywood starlet, a singer who bounces around Los Angeles with BFF Demi Lovato and gets paparazzied doing everything from walking her new puppy to kissing her costar in the middle of Paris while shes in town for our shoot.

But 2010 is different. The seventeen-year-old has decided to leave Hannah behind, put her music career on pause, and shed her goofy notoriety for a more grown-up vibe. Take, for example, her role in this months weeper The Last Song, written by Nicholas Sparks of The Notebook and Dear John fame. Starring alongside gorgeous Australian newcomer Liam Hemsworth, Miley plays Ronnie Miller, a girl who starts going down the wrong path, she says. Its the story of how she finds her way to being happier and a better person through faith, love, and friendship. She and Liam may be a mismatched couple on-screen, but as they cozy up on the couch in Mileys hotel suite to talk to Teen Vogue about their new film, the duo looks perfectly in sync.

TEEN VOGUE: Miley, before you went to Georgia to film The Last Song, you had just gotten out of a relationship. How did you change over the next few months?

MILEY CYRUS: In L.A., I had so many security blankets, people helping me with everything. I tried to book my friend a flight, and I didnt know how because I was used to someone doing it for me. I didnt want a babysitter anymore. I came to Tybee Island crying harder than I had ever cried in my life—and I left with the biggest smile on my face.

Read the full interview here.



International pop legend Miley Cyrus is really happy now that she is finally in a great relationship with Liam Hemsworth. Miley, who is enjoying her romantic rendezvous with Liam Hesmworth, spilled to BOP! Ive never gotten along with someone so well.

Its really nice to have someone who understands me! First and foremost we are best friends. All you want is for one person to say, You did a really good job today, or You look really beautiful. You just want one person to make you feel good about something youre doing. Liam has been a big part of that.

Miley said that making the decision to date a BFF might be scary at first because you dont want to ruin the friendship, but if it feels right then you should go for it! Miley smiled, Im really happy!

She also told M Magazine that her boyfriends have to be approved by Billy Ray: Any boy I date has to be a nice guy and my dad has to approve. Liam has been welcomed into the Cyrus family with open arms. Miley blogged recently: Im at dinner with my dad, Braison, Noah and Liam. This day has been the best one in a while!



Out in Toluca Lake


Ive added some stills from “Miley Says Goodbye?: Part 1” an upcoming Hannah Montana episode which will air on Sunday.You can read the description below:

Miley Stewart faces the biggest decision of her life – whether to say goodbye to her life in Malibu or to listen to her heart and return to her Crowley Corners ranch and beloved horse Blue Jeans in Tennessee. Meanwhile, Jackson moves into his own apartment, Lilly is contemplating what to do after her mom accepts a job in Atlanta and Oliver must decide whether to stay with his two best friends or go on the road to pursue his fledgling music career.






Though The Twilight Sagas New Moon does not score any nomination at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are going to show up on stage of the event. The Academy has announced on Monday, February 22 that the two Twilight stars are set to present kudo for winner at the upcoming show.

Other young actors who are also tapped to be presenters at the 2010 Oscars are Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron. While the job will mark Lautner and Stewarts first appearance on the broadcast, this will be the second time for the Hannah Montana cutie and the High School Musical hunk attending the prestigious show after their appearance in 2008.

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards will be held on March 7 at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles and is set to be aired live by ABC Television Network. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are tapped to host the show, though it was recently revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen was the first choice for host.



Heading to a Recording Studio in Santa Monica


At A Touch Of Gold Tanning Salon in Studio City


Miley Cyrus thinks the media bullies her.

The 17-year-old singer-and-actress claims she is often the focus of nasty news reports, and has compared it to schoolyard bullying. Miley is now used to dealing with the cruel comments, but admits it is still upsetting to read horrible gossip about herself.

The nasty things people write about me is a different form of bullying, but sometimes it feels like Im right back at school, Miley explained. Its horrible when you see nasty things written about you, especially when so much of it is made up.

People see me differently because Im in the public eye. They see me on TV and think that nothing like bullying has happened in my life, but it has.

Miley says focusing on her successful career helps her cope with the unfounded gossip. Every time she reads something negative about herself, she just thinks about all the good things that have happened to her which makes her feel immediately better.

I get through bullying by focusing on my dreams. When I see nasty things written about me, I just think about all the positive things in my life, she told Top of the Pops magazine. I focus on my work and I think to myself, next week, Im going to London, Paris or Italy. Just think about whatever makes you happy.




 In April 2008, People Magazine reported that Miley earned a million dollars per week for her previous 17-week tour.
On April 22nd, 2008, it was announced that Miley signed a multi-million dollar deal with Disney-Hyperion Books to write her life story.
The red Valentino dress that Miley wore to the 2008 Academy Awards was said to have cost $10,550.
Miley first auditioned for Hannah Montana when she was 11, trying for the part of Lilly. She later tried out for the part of Hannah and was turned down for both parts because she was too young.
The 3-D version of Mileys Best of Both Worlds concert debuted in only 683 theaters worldwide on Super Bowl Weekend 2008, but it beat out all other films (which were playing in a larger number of theaters) with a record-breaking $31 million in just its first weekend.
Mileys godmother is singer/actress Dolly Parton.
Mileys grandmother is the only person who still calls her by her birth name, Destiny.
Miley says that she looks up to former Disney teen queen Hilary Duff for staying true to herself and not being fake.
Miley says that Shania Twain is one of her favorite singers, because she is fun and not afraid to be different with her music.
She is a vegetarian, but doesnt eat anything green.
Her song I Miss You was written by Miley after her grandfather died.
In 2007, it was reported that her father, who helps manage her career and finances, gave her a $300 dollar allowance per month.
She was on the green team for two years in a row in the Disney Channel Games.
She attended the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premiere with her dad.
She says that she has three best friends. Her Mother, Tory Sparkman, and Emily Osment.
She is competitive any time it comes to talent shows. In fact, she broke up with her boyfriend in first grade because he was going to be in the talent show, and she thought if he really liked her, he should let her win. But he wouldnt!
Miley was chosen as one of People Magazines annual 100 Most Beautiful People in the World, in May 2007.
When she was little her dad called her Smiley, because she was always smiling. Eventually it was shortened and became Miley. In 2008, Miley officially changed her name from Destiny Hope to Miley Ray. She chose Ray for her new middle name because she wanted to share her dads name.
The furthest she has ever been from her home is Paris, France.
Her favorite song is Beating Heart Baby by: Head Automatica.
Someday she would like to sing with Kelly Clarkson.
Her favorite clothing stores are Nordstrom and Hollister.
She keeps a journal.
Mileys favorite scent is vanilla.
If she could be a crayon color she would choose the color Tickle me pink.
Miley is afraid of spiders.
She spends rainy afternoons watching sappy chick flicks with her sister.
She says that lavender is her favorite flower.
Miley is ticklish and has said in interviews that she absolutely hates being tickled.
She attended the Cheetah Girls 2 premiere.
Miley was surprised with a Daisy Rock guitar on stage at a music festival in Nashville when she was twelve, because she wanted to play guitar like her father.
When Miley has to perform in concerts she gets really nervous. She helps herself calm down by realizing that this is her dream, and its what she really wants to do.
Miley helped Emily Osment learn to play guitar.
She attended the premiere of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour.
She is really bad at keeping secrets.
She says that her biggest splurge was on a Coach bag.
Her favorite candies are Starburst, Gummy Bears, Peach Rings, and Dots.
Her favorite things to eat for breakfast are Lucky Charms or a bowl of oatmeal with two scoops of ice cream on top. She says that is the only way that she will eat oatmeal.
Her hidden talent is her monkey voice.
Her room has a garden theme and uses cream, turquoise, mint green and brown colors.
Her least favorite part of working with her dad is the car drive up to the studio.
She says that her most embarrassing moment was when she was trying out for her schools dance team. She was practicing in the hallway, but then she fell and ripped her denim skirt.
She started riding horses when she was only two years old.
She use to enjoy braiding the tails of the horses that live on her families ranch. In fact, thats what she misses the most about living in Tennessee.
She says Dylan and Cole Sprouse are like her brothers.
She won the MVP for the quiz show relay during the Disney Channel Games.
She won the MVP for the egg toss game during the Disney Channel Games.
She has a bad habit of biting her nails.
She said the first time she sang in a concert was when she went up on stage with her dad and sang Hound Dog.
She almost always wears a ring with the word Love inscribed on it. It was a gift from her father to mother, Tish.
Her favorite novel is Dont Die, My Love by Lurlene McDaniel.
She will be the opening act for the band The Cheetah Girls on their concert tour in fall of 2006.
Her favorite snacks are cookie dough, cashews and ketchup.
She attended the Hollywood premiere for the DVD version of High School Musical.
Her favorite TV shows are Laguna Beach and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
She is a born-again Christian.
Her song (that she sings as Hannah Montana) Best of Both Worlds was #1 on Radio Disneys top 30 countdown for the weeks of June 19th, 2006, to August 14th (it was beaten by another Hannah Montana song Ive Got Nerve for the week of August 21st). It regained the top spot the week of August 28th & stayed there though the week of September 11th.
Her favorite cookie is a sugar cookie.
Her song, Pumpin Up the Party Now, was featured in a 2006 Disney Channel So Hot Summer commercial.
Her likeness was used to create the Jacksons Beach Treat Delivery for Disney Channels website.
Her likeness (& her character likeness, Hannah Montana) was used to create the Rock Star Fashion Challenge for Disney Channels website.
Her favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.
Mileys uncle works as her bodyguard.
Her favorite album is Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.
She likes to listen to pop & rock music.
She says that dogs are her favorite kind of animals.
She admits that anything & everything makes her laugh.
She loves to listen to the sound of the rain.
She thinks that 1:00 AM is the best time of the day.
She says that she wants to go to Italy someday.
Her favorite season of the year is Summer.
She loves Chinese food.
She loves to go running and bike riding.
Her favorite sport is cheerleading.
She was a member of the Green team for the Disney Channel Games: 2006. Her nickname on the team was The Triple Threat.
She co-hosted Disney Channels New Year Eve Sing-Along Bowl-Athon with her Hannah Montana co-star Jason Earles.
She says the person she admires most is her mother, Tish.
She had to have braces put on her teeth in early 2006, but because the dentists were able to hide them by putting them on the other side of her teeth, no one notices them.
She will be singing at Radio Disneys Totally 10 Birthday Concert in Anaheim, Ca on July 22nd.
She says that her favorite colors are pink and lime green.
She was invited to appear as Hannah Montana at the 80th annual Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. She rode on the Build-A-Bear float and sang her song, The Best of Both Worlds. The day was extra special for her as it was also her fourteenth birthday.
Since she no longer goes to regular school due to the hectic schedule for Hannah Montana, she is tutored on the set.
She is in the 9th grade and she says that the school subjects she likes the most are math & creative writing.
She became good friends with her co-stars, Emily Osment (Lilly) & Michel Musso (Oliver), when they met on the set of Hannah Montana. They all text message each other when theyre on stage & they use the three-way calling to talk when they are at home.
She sang as Hannah Montana on the Hannah Montana Soundtrack that came out on October 24th, 2006. Before the year was even out, it sold over two million copies.
She has naturally curly brown hair.
She has pierced ears.
She was bitten by the acting bug on the set of her fathers show Doc.
She had to leave almost all of her pets with her grandmother when she moved to Los Angeles. However, she was able to bring her dog, Loco with her.
Some of Mileys hobbies are dancing, cheerleading, singing, shopping, playing the guitar and writing music.
Mileys favorite pop singers are Hilary Duff , Kelly Clarkson and Ashlee Simpson.
She has signed with Hollywood Records for a four-album record deal. Hollywood Records is also the recording label for Hilary Duffs music.
She has already written over 100 songs, some featured in the new show Hannah Montana.
Has a younger brother named Braison Cyrus.
Has an older half-brother named Trace Cyrus.
Has an older half-brother on her fathers side named Christopher Cody Cyrus.
Has an older half-sister named Brandi Cyrus.
She is 5 feet, 5 inches tall.
She has blue eyes.
The first song Miley ever wrote was about her love for Dream Street singer Jesse McCartney. She finally got to meet her long time crush when he made a guest appearance on Hannah Montana, Miley showed him the song and Jesse thought that the tune was cute.
Has a younger sister named Noah Lindsey Cyrus.
She got to meet Judge Judy once at an event. Since shes such a big fan of Judge Judy, she was extremely nervous. She had no idea if the judge liked meeting her fans or if she would be bothered. When they were introduced, Judge Judy was happy to meet her and surprised Miley by saying how much her grandchildren loved the show Hannah Montana.
Her Hannah Montana co-star Emily Osment is a talented knitter and taught Miley how to knit while they were on the set.


Looks like Miley Cyrus has added a new permanent accessory to her look: The 17-year-old appears to have gotten a tattoo that reads just breathe.

The singer was taking that bit of advice to heart on Dec. 3 as she sipped virgin daiquiris by the pool of the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, where she recently wrapped her Wonder World. While sitting poolside in a bikini she revealed what seems to be new ink peeking out from under her bathing suit top.

(Fun Fact: Lindsay Lohan sports a breathe tattoo on her wrist.)

The Cyrus clan are no strangers to tattoos: Mileys mom, Tish, recently got angel wings inked on her back and Mileys big brother Trace, who is the frontman for the band Metro Station, tweeted that he has finally covered his entire torso in tattoos.

I have 2 more full days of getting tatted! Trace tweeted on Nov. 12. Im almost done with the front of my upper body. Its looking amazing.

A rep for Miley had no comment.

Microsoft Bellevue Store Throwing Free Miley Concert

Its time for a party in the U.S.A. Microsoft is opening its first retail store in Washington state in Bellevue on Thursday. To promote its opening, the store is throwing a free concert with singer and actress Miley Cyrus on Saturday.

The store opens at Bellevue Square at 10 a.m. on Thursday, Nov. 18. The first 1,000 people on Thursday will get two premiere tickets. The store will then give away general admission tickets. The concert will be held in the Safeway parking lot across the street from Bellevue Square.

This will be the seventh retail store for Microsoft. The other stores are in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Mission Viejo, Calif.; Oak Brook, Ill.; San Diego, Calif.; Lone Tree, Colo.; and Bloomington, Minn. I visited the stores in Scottsdale and Mission Viejo. Here is The Seattle Times story about those two stores

Awards Nominations

Critics Choice Awards
Best Song (I Thought I Lost You) 2009 Nominated

Europe Music Awards
New Act 2008 Nominated

Golden Globe Awards
Best Original Song (I Thought I Lost You) 2008 Nominated

Gracie Allen Awards
Outstanding Female Lead Comedy Series (Children/Adolescent) (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won

Kids Choice Awards (US)
Favorite Television Actress (Hannah Montana) 2010 Nominated
Favorite Movie Actress (Hannah Montana: The Movie) 2010 Won
Favorite Female Singer 2010 Nominated
Favorite Song (Party in the USA) 2010 Nominated
Favorite Television Actress (Hannah Montana) 2009 Nominated
Favorite Female Singer 2009 Won
Favourite Television Series (Hannah Montana) 2009 Nominated
Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie (Penny) 2009 Nominated
Favourite Animated Movie (Bolt) 2009 Nominated
Favorite Television Actress (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won
Favorite Female Singer 2008 Won
Favourite Television Series (Hannah Montana) 2008 Nominated
Favorite Television Actress (Hannah Montana) 2007 Won

Kids Choice Awards (UK)
Favourite Female TV Star (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won
Favourite Kids TV Show (Hannah Montana) 2008 Nominated
Best TV Actress (Hannah Montana) 2007 Nominated

Kids Choice Awards (Australia)
Favorite International Singer 2009 Nominated
Favorite International TV Star (Hannah Montana) 2009 Nominated
Favorite International Singer 2008 Won
Favorite International TV Star (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won

Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica
Fashionista Award — Female 2009 Nominated
Best Pop Artist — International 2009 Nominated

Most Billboard Touring Awards
Breakthrough Act 2008 Won

Much Music Video Awards
Best International Artist Video (The Climb) 2009 Nominated
Best International Artist Video (Start All Over) 2008 Nominated

MTV Europe Music Awards
Best New Act 2008 Nominated

MTV Video Music Awards
Best Song From A Movie (The Climb) 2009 Won
Breakthrough Performance Female (Hannah Montana: The Movie) 2009 Nominated

MTV Video Music Awards
Best New Artist (7 Things) 2008 Nominated

Peoples Choice Awards
Favorite Breakout Movie Actress 2010 Won
Favorite Web Celeb 2010 Nominated
Peoples Choice Favorite Star Under 35 Nominated

Teen Choice Awards
Choice Summer: Single (Before The Storm) 2009 Won
Choice Music Female Artist 2009 Nominated
Choice TV Actress: Comedy (Hannah Montana) 2009 Won
Choice Movie: Liplock (Hannah Montana: The Movie) 2009 Nominated
Choice Movie Actress: Music/Dance (Hannah Montana: The Movie) 2009 Won
Choice Movie Hissy Fit (Hannah Montana: The Movie) 2009 Won
Female Hottie 2009 Nominated
Choice Celebrity Dancer: Female 2009 Nominated
Choice Red Carpet Icon: Female 2009 Nominated
Choice Music: Single (The Climb) 2009 Won
Choice Music Female Artist 2008 Won
Choice TV Show: Comedy (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won
Choice TV Actress: Comedy (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won
Choice Music Single (See You Again) 2008 Nominated
Choice TV Actress: Comedy (Hannah Montana) 2007 Won
Choice Summer Artist 2007 Won
Choice TV Show: Comedy (Hannah Montana) 2007 Won
Choice TV Breakout Star (Hannah Montana) 2006 Nominated

Young Artist Awards
Best Performance in a TV Series (Hannah Montana) 2010 Nominated
Best Performance in a TV Series (Hannah Montana) 2009 Nominated
Best Performance in a TV Series (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won

5th Annual Relly Awards
Junior Achiever 2007 Nominated

29th Annual Young Artist Awards
Best Performance in a TV Series Leading Young Actress (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won
Best Family Television Series (Hannah Montana) 2008 Won
Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series (Hannah Montana) 2008 Nominated

59th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards
Outstanding Childrens Program (Hannah Montana) 2007 Nominated