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Could a Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reconciliation be in the near future? Well, no.

Sorry to crush your dreams so quickly, but it seems a little unfair to lead you on, so we just have to clear that up first. But fans of the former couple might be pleased to hear that the duo do still keep in touch.

A recent report claims the once-engaged pair have been meeting in secret in Los Angeles, and while a source confirms to E! News that Cyrus and Hemsworth are still a part of each other’s lives, we’re also told that it’s in no way a romantic situation.

“They’ve always stayed in touch,” one insider close to the pair tells E! News, while a different source tells us, “They are not likely to reconcile. They have moved on but are still friends. They still care about each other but it’s not romantic.”

In fact, the Bangerz singer shared that the two still “love” each other a year after calling it quits. The Last Song co-stars ended their engagement on Sept. 16, 2013, and in an interview with Australia’s Sunday Night, Cyrus said she still cares for her ex-fiancé. “I love Liam,” the singer said. “Liam loves me.”

Bangerz is Cyrus’ most personal album yet, but not because she “went through a breakup.”

Regarding her hit song “Wrecking Ball,” she said, “It’s about finding yourself, and sometimes you have to separate yourself from everyone. I just had to become this person who is sitting in this chair right now. If I didn’t, I just felt like there was something that was going to explode and I had to set myself free.”

At the time of the breakup, a source told E! News that the split was “Miley’s decision, after coming to grips with Liam being what she believed was less than faithful to her.”

Whatever may have happened between the former longtime couple, it looks like they have chosen to forgive, move on and become yet another example of friendly Hollywood exes.


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Ed Sheeran has revealed that his anti-Miley Cyrus rant on the red carpet at the Grammys is actually a bit of a drunken regret of his, and he wants to make it up to Miley.

It might have taken him a year to come to the revelation, but the 23-year-old has finally spoken out about the tirade, where he criticized the popstar’s famous dance move, saying: “Twerking is what strippers do. It’s a fact. If you go to a strip club, not that I go to strip clubs, but if you go to a strip club, they twerk.

“You shouldn’t be encouraging little kids to twerk. If I had a daughter of mine, I wouldn’t want her twerking.
“When I first heard Wrecking Ball, I thought it was a brilliant song. But the video distracts too much from it.”

Keeping in mind that this was last year, so the image of Miley grinding on Robin Thicke in PVC underwear was stil fresh in his mind, we don’t actually think that what he said was *that* harsh.

However, Ed begs to differ.

Speaking on a US radio show with Howard Stern yesterday, the singer explains exactly how his rant came about: “There was a thing that happened around a year ago involving Miley Cyrus… I was at an after-party at the Grammys, had a bit [to drink]… and there was a red carpet at this after-party.

“I just had a bit of a rant which I didn’t really mean. I woke up the next morning and got this anxiety thing.

“I said [something] along the lines of, ‘You’re voice is amazing, your songs are amazing, just stop twerking.’ I didn’t say it in the nicest way and I do genuinely love her music and think her voice is great.

“I don’t really know what to do. I’ll find a way to [apologise].”

Well, if Miley’s rude comments about Ed as he collected his VMA last month are anything to go by, the British star might have to do quite a bit of sucking up to be blessed with her forgiveness.

If you missed out on that hunk of beef, basically the eagle-eyed VMA viewers, who fancy themselves to be a bit of a detective, accused Miley of calling Ed an a-hole as he walked past her on his way up to collect his first ever US award at the ceremony.


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he inaugural iHeartRadio Australia Music festival, which had Miley Cyrus locked in as the headline act, has been cancelled by organisers.

Tickets for the all-day pop festival at Allphones Arena on October 18 went on sale last Thursday, but fans will be eligible for refunds.

The Australian Radio Network, which was running the event with promoters the Dainty Group, released a statement which read: “Our objective for this first iHeartRadio Australia Music Festival was to create the very best experience possible for music lovers, and when this wasn’t possible, the difficult but the necessary decision was made to cancel.

“This is as a consequence of the unavailability of another headline act, who was due to be announced this week.

Cyrus was expected to be joined by X-Factor judge Redfoo, Gold Coast pop-star Cody Simpson, South Australia pop rockers At Sunset rapper Miracle and DJs the Faders in the new event on the festival calendar, launched by KIIS 1065 and the Dainty Group.

A spokeswoman said holding an iHeartRadio festival in Australia was not ruled out altogether and the event would be revisited at a later stage.


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“I’m a maker,” Miley Cyrus says backstage at Milk Studios. It’s just before the Jeremy Scott show, and the pop queen has created all the jewelry (and several head pieces!) for the collection. “I’ve always done art, and I’ve been really into sculptures lately. But I feel like accessories are sculptural, too, they’re just molded so you can make them part of your everyday life.”

Her pieces— on and off the runway— are candy-colored gobs of smiley faces, glitter, and plastic wind-up toys, smashed to bits and re-glued in new shapes. The hot pink heart beads and fuzzy teddy bear charms raise the question: Was she a Barbie hoarder as a kid? “A little,” she says, grinning, “but mostly, I just liked, and still Iike, stuff. You can’t take your Barbie apart, exactly, but like, Rainbow Looms and stickers, and those plastic star bracelets—a lot of what’s going on the runway today is stuff I’ve had since I was a little kid, reshaped in new ways. And I also get a lot of my materials at the Dollar Store.” Seriously? Miley Cyrus can walk into The Dollar Store and there isn’t a mad rush? “I’m really good at being incognito,” she grins. “I swear, I’ve walked through New York City and nobody’s noticed. And I go to The Dollar Store all the time.” Is that where she got her ice cream pasties? “It’s not!” she laughs, “But if you wanted to make them, you could start there for sure.”

As for her collaboration with Jeremy Scott, the idea for Miley’s design debut began at a barbecue. “I went to her house for a July Fourth party,” says the designer, who will soon jet to Milan for his next Moschino collection. “She asked about my upcoming show, and I was throwing out inspirations, and we started literally completing each other’s sentences. She said, ‘I want to design something for the show!’ and I said, ‘Absolutely!’ But I wasn’t sure she meant it, you know? Preparing for a fashion week collection is a real commitment…so I texted her the next day and she was really into it. We talked almost every day about it, and I think it fits really well with the clothes…One of the images in the show is quilts. I collect them. I’m obsessed with how unique each piece is, and how it’s things you’d never think go together, but they merge so beautifully. There are some quilted pieces, but also a party dress, a fur, flat boots… This collection is for how people really get dressed. You’re not going to wear the same color story every day, or the same print, or the same detail. This is about how creative people, people who love fashion and kids developing their own style, put things together. There’s a real joy in this collection; you’ll be able to feel it when you see it.”

Those who did see it: Beacons of Young Hollywood (Bella Thorne), Old Hollywood (Whoopi Goldberg), and meta Hollywood (Perez Hilton and Nicky Hilton—“no relation,” she quips), along with the usual cache of achingly cool kids (Leigh Lezark, Anna Della Russo, Jamie Clayton, Susie Bubble) and industry insiders, all corralled by PR legend Kelly Cutrone, who escorted Tish and Brandy Cyrus to their front row perch for some family support.

“It’s crazy out there, isn’t it?” Cyrus laughed from backstage. “You might not believe me unless you meet me, but I swear, I’m usually the most chill person in the room. And I’m definitely the calmest person at fashion week. Don’t you think?” She pauses to pose for a lingering photographer, then puts her hand on my shoulder. “Could you excuse me for a minute?” she asks. “I need to quickly straighten up the [accessories] table before the show starts. People keep moving them around to take Instagram photos… which is great, but now they’re falling on the floor. I want this to be perfect for Jeremy; he’s worked really hard.”


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Her debut collection, aptly titled “Dirty Hippie,” was presented at New York Fashion Week during designer Jeremy Scott’s show

Miley Cyrus never ceases to amaze. On Wednesday, the 21-year-old pop star debuted her newest artistic venture: an art collection, aptly titled “Dirty Hippie,” as a part of avant-garde designer Jeremy Scott’s New York Fashion Week Show. Models in Scott’s show reportedly wore some of the pieces, which will also be on display at V Magazine‘s New York offices starting on Sept. 11. Details of the collection were also presented in V, whose cover Cyrus graces this month.

The collection features a five-foot-bong, a vibrator with a joint attached to it, and a party hat the singer told V she saw and thought “it might be fun to glue some sh-t onto it.” There is also a piece featuring a pineapple, because Cyrus says the fruits make “yummy c-m.” Sure!

Cyrus is not a formally trained artist, and though the pieces — which the singer has been teasing on her Instagram account — give off a high-DIY-project vibe (mainly because it was a high DIY project), Scott told V that’s what drew him to her work. As for Cyrus, the project was about exploring other artistic avenues so she doesn’t have to “die a pop pop dumb dumb.”

Cyrus’s main inspiration for her work was her fans and her tour, from which many of the pieces (including the vibrator with the joint attached to it) were derived. In the interview, Cyrus said her creations were like therapy, given the rough start she had to 2014.

“At the beginning of this year, I hated 2014 because everything that could go wrong kept going wrong. Being in the hospital, my dog dying…Everything just kept sh-itting on me and sh-tting on me. So then I started taking all of those sh-t things and making them good, and being like, I’m using it. My brother and my friends all said that’s what they felt I was doing. So, that’s how I started making art. I had a bunch of f-cking junk and sh-t, and so instead of letting it be junk and sh-t, I turned it into something that made me happy.”


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Sporting marijuana-leaf earrings and a beaded necklace adorned with cigarettes, Slinkies and an air freshener, Miley Cyrus joined designer Jeremy Scott for the finale of his Wednesday show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC.

But Miley was there for work, not play. The iconic twerker used the venue to debut her new art collection — which looks like something a 3-year-old on acid might create — during the show. Notable sculptures — including a 5-foot-tall bedazzled bong and a vibrator with a joint attached — rested on pedestals along the catwalk.

Cyrus also designed the jewelry for Scott’s runway show, which included beaded necklaces and hair accessories.

“All of these stream-of-consciousness, colorful, playful, whimsical things mixed up together,” Scott told V magazine about the sculptures. “I love that there’s a DIY feel to the sculptures, which is a part of the look of the show. I want it to be less about a model army and more about a group of cool, individualized people hanging out together.”

Miley has long been a fan of Scott’s fashion. Most recently, the designer provided a number of costumes for the controversial Bangerz tour.

Miley has dubbed the collection “Dirty Hippie.” It’ll be on display to the public in the V offices (11 Mercer St.) starting Thursday.


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Jeremy Scott Spring 2015 Fashion Show in NYC – Front Row and Runway (September 10th, 2014)

Jeremy Scott Spring 2015 Fashion Show in NYC – Backstage (September 10th, 2014)

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Miley Cyrus can’t even look at a someone these days without the tabloids pouncing on a possible romance.

The paparazzi recently snapped the “Wrecking Ball” singer hanging out with her LOL co-star Douglas Booth in West Hollywood.

Dating rumors went full throttle.

Well, we can all just LOL to that because Booth says he and Ms. Cyrus aren’t dating.

“She’s just a friend,” he told me at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his new movie The Riot Club.

The film centers on one night when the members of a posh Oxford University dining club take their debauchery at a local pub too far.

“We had a bit too much fun,” said Sam Claflin, the Hunger Games star who plays Alistair Ryle in movie. “We were basically given a room to completely wreck. You can imagine 10 boys giving it their all and kind of getting a little carried away at times.

“The chemistry between the 10 boys especially was astounding,” he said. “I have definitely left this with nine best friends and hopefully the audience will gets as much enjoyment out of it as we did.”

Directed by Lone Cherfig (An Education), the cast also includes Max Irons, Ben Schnetzer, Jessica Brown Findlay, Holliday Grainger and Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer.

Get more exclusive scoop from the Toronto Film Festival tonight on E! News at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.