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Miley Cyrus’ vocals weren’t the only impressive aspect of her performance at the Sydney Opera House on Monday, her trademark near-naked look hit all the right notes with the local fashion scene.

The Wrecking Ball singer did her bit for the Australian fashion industry and wore a sequin leotard and fur trimmed robe emblazoned with the words “Hello Sydney” by Melbourne-based label Discount Universe for her TV appearance on Sunrise.

The look, which featured a growling women’s face plastered across her torso, was accessorised with a replica pair of her infamous pill-covered sunglasses, which were given to her by a fan, shiny tube socks and platform sneakers.

In little over a year, the 21-year-old pop star has become a rebellious fashion maven since posing in a number of other Discount Universe looks for a photo shoot with controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

Photos of the pint-sized singer wearing the label’s tie-dye T-shirt with the message “PRAY FUR UR LYF” went viral after being uploaded to social media last year. She also used a shot featuring an outfit by the brand as her Twitter background image, a photo that went on to be seen by her 18.7 million followers.

Most recently she has been photographed, albeit naked, by Chanel creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, for fashion publication W magazine, released an art collaboration with designer Jeremy Scott and introduced a new generation of women to nipple pasties after arriving topless to Alexander Wang’s New York Fashion Week after party.

Discount Universe was launched in 2009 by designers Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James and was quickly spotted by a number of heavyweight celebrity stylists and local institutions for its intricate tailoring and bold fabrications. To say the duo have never met a sequin they didn’t like would be an understatement, the looks are louder than Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in surround sound (and 3D).

While Cyrus’ stylist, Simone Harouche, purchased a number of items from the label’s online store last year, others such as Beyonce and Britney Spears have requested some of their heavy embellished dresses, jackets and T-shirts to wear on stage. Napreychikov and James have also been approached by The Australian Ballet to design a number of looks for upcoming dance seasons.

“It really doesn’t bother me when people tell me I’m crazy because I am,” Cyrus told Sunrise presenters Samantha Armytage and David Koch after they asked how she felt about being considered a “crazy icon”.
“I’m too honest and I’m too much myself,” she said and referred people her Instagram account to see just how open she is.

“I decided a year ago that my whole life goal is to be happy,” she said. “The thing is my dad [singer Billy Ray Cyrus] always told me that’s the most important thing – and I grew up around people like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton [her godmother] and those people are not normal.”

The singer also revealed if she wasn’t a singer she would like to be a stand-up comedian, saying “I am the joke,” look at me” before pointing to her brightly coloured ensemble.


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POP sensation Miley Cyrus has performed at the iconic Sydney Opera House this morning to thousands of screaming fans.

The controversial singer, who sang her hit song Wrecking Ball on Sunrise, wore a green sequent robe, glittery leotard and colourful head piece – almost looking like a Japanese Harajuku girl.

Cyrus was quick to explain her quirky get up.

“My fans made it – I’m a hoarder so I just pick it up, here I am,” she said on Sunrise today.

“I am the joke – look at me – hence my hair is from a two-dollar store because I didn’t want to do my hair in the morning.

“It doesn’t bother me when people call me crazy, because I am.”

Cyrus described the Opera House as “pretty amazing” but she admitted she had to go easy on the coffee.

“I’ve had too much coffee so no more of that,” she said on stage. “Because our interview will be just two minutes long.”

Cyrus, who has already finished her shows in Melbourne, is in Australia for her Bangerz Tour.

She said she was given a tattoo in exchange for tickets.

“I just kind of grew up in this world – at the end people can be rich and famous but my whole life goal is to be happy all the time.

“I was telling them (my fans), if you’re sad be in that moment – everyone is trying to rush out of the moment.”

Cyrus, who did the “nay, nay” on stage, said it replaced her sexy “twerk.”

She will perform in Sydney’s Allphones Arena on Friday.

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Miley Cyrus is reportedly back in the studio with “We Can’t Stop” hitmaker Mike Will Made It.

Mike Will, who executive-produced Miley’s coming-of-age Bangerz album, tweeted that he was working on new music with the songstress over the weekend.

“Working on new @MileyCyrus swear she got one of the best voices…” he wrote.

Miley previously revealed that she had started work on her next album at this year’s VMAs, telling MTV, “It is different, it’s a little psychedelic. But still in that pop world.”

Bangerz hasn’t yielded a new single since “Adore You,” and with the album’s world tour set to wrap up in Australia this month, now is the perfect time to start focusing on a follow up LP.

Miley’s also apparently recording a cover album for charity, so it looks like we’ve got a lot of new Miley music to look forward to over to over the next year!


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@MileyCyrus is coming to @sunriseon7 on Monday! Tweet your questions to her NOW with the #MileyOnSunrise hashtag.

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never gets old.

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One thing you can always say about Miley Cyrus is that she can laugh at herself.

The star took a small spill on stage while performing in Melbourne, Australia, and her look of surprise is rather hilarious.

“Never gets old,” Miley captioned the Instagram video.

She later uploaded a split shot of four photos captured from her red-faced moment.

Whoever said Miley Cyrus needed weird and wonderful props to make her performances shocking, hadn’t considered the power of one orange leotard.

Overall, the controversial singer wowed once again – but not with inflatable penises, giant bears and convertibles this time – oh no, just with a tiny leotard and her lack of shame.

Having landed down under just days before in a fluffy onesie, Miley was clearly saving her shocking wardrobe for the nights, and showed off her slim frame in a cut-out orange number.

At one point, the star bends down and pulls the leotard up into a thong, giving her the biggest wedgie ever.

She follows this jaw-dropper by throwing wads of bank notes into the air before stuffing a load into her mouth.

Money to throw around.

She always promises to have fun on stage, and we’re beginning to think she could go up there and do just about anything, and we’d no longer be shocked.

Challenge on Miley?


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