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never gets old.

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One thing you can always say about Miley Cyrus is that she can laugh at herself.

The star took a small spill on stage while performing in Melbourne, Australia, and her look of surprise is rather hilarious.

“Never gets old,” Miley captioned the Instagram video.

She later uploaded a split shot of four photos captured from her red-faced moment.

Whoever said Miley Cyrus needed weird and wonderful props to make her performances shocking, hadn’t considered the power of one orange leotard.

Overall, the controversial singer wowed once again – but not with inflatable penises, giant bears and convertibles this time – oh no, just with a tiny leotard and her lack of shame.

Having landed down under just days before in a fluffy onesie, Miley was clearly saving her shocking wardrobe for the nights, and showed off her slim frame in a cut-out orange number.

At one point, the star bends down and pulls the leotard up into a thong, giving her the biggest wedgie ever.

She follows this jaw-dropper by throwing wads of bank notes into the air before stuffing a load into her mouth.

Money to throw around.

She always promises to have fun on stage, and we’re beginning to think she could go up there and do just about anything, and we’d no longer be shocked.

Challenge on Miley?


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WHAT does Miley Cyrus do when she touches down to Melbourne late at night? Hits the tattoo shop to get some new ink with her brother of course.

Arriving into Tullamarine airport on a private jet from New Zealand last night, the controversial pop superstar made her priorities clear — first stop get ink and beers.

The 21-year-old made a beeline for Collingwood tattoo shop Eureka Rebellion Trading on Smith Street.

Owner Anthony Allayialis said Miley was so “down to earth” and was rapt to have hit Melbourne again.

“Miley was rad,” Allayialis said.

“She came in around 8.30 last night straight after getting off the plane.

“She knew about the shop through mutual friends and came down to have a look with her brother.”

“We were basically about to close when she came in asking for a couple of tatts.”

Cyrus chose to get a “small” – “she only has tiny arms” piece of bodywork on her arm while her brother Braison Cyrus got a bigger piece on his forearm.

“She was so cool, just rad and she had her own design.

“She was just happy to set some tatts, hang out and have a chat,” he said.

“There wasn’t any celeb hype or anything and they weren’t planning on a big night as she has her gig tonight.”

While only being open for the past 19 months, Eureka Rebellion Trading is already making quite a name for itself as the tattoo shop to the stars.

Allayialis said their tattooist Myles Paten has inked up several celebs including some Sons of Anarchy stars, Aussie actor Kodi Smit-McPhee and some heavy metal bands including Macedon and thrash band Testament.

“Rad night at ERT HQ,” Paten said via Instagram.

“Our good mate Miley Cyrus dropped by for tattoos and beer, so f—— awesome.”

The Wrecking Ball chart-topper gave them all free tickets for her Bangerz tour tonight.

“She looked after us,” he said.

Cyrus knows Melbourne after dating Phillip Island local turned Hollywood heart-throb Liam Hemsworth.

She plays at Rod Laver Arena tonight before heading to Brisbane next week.


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TWERKING pop star Miley Cyrus hits Melbourne on Friday — and she’s excited.

The 21-year-old shared a colourful Instagram snap of her in concert with the caption:

“Tomorrow night in Melbourne is gonna be magical. I can feeeeel it. Actually imma MAKE it.”

Cyrus shocked New Zealand with her performances earlier this week, brimming with twerking, tongue poking, crotch grabbing, butt clenching and pelvic rolling.

Her Bangerz show was so risque, one reviewer described it as “the most bizarre and borderline obscene videos you’re likely ever to see.”

Cyrus knows Melbourne from dating Phillip Island actor Liam Hemsworth, so it’s likely she’s pencilled in time to down her favourite meat pie with macaroni cheese at Cape Woolamai.

Miley Cyrus performs at Rod Laver Arena at 8pm on Friday.


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CONTROVERSIAL superstar Miley Cyrus hits Melbourne on Friday with two sides on show.

Cyrus, 21, shocked New Zealand with her performance side earlier this week with a spectacle of twerking, tongue poking, crotch grabbing, butt clenching, pelvic rolling and, gasped one reviewer, “the most bizarre and borderline obscene videos you’re likely ever to see.”

Offstage, the former Hannah Montana has a low key explorer side, and soaks up the delights of every city she visits.

In Auckland yesterday, Miley and her brother Braison sailed to an island, gobbled a plate of oysters and visited a llama farm.

Cyrus knows Melbourne and its surrounds after dating Phillip Island actor Liam Hemsworth, so her to-do list might be already drawn up, especially with her favourite meat pie with macaroni cheese still on the menu at Cape Woolamai.

Milly Gattegno, of DJ duo The Faders, a support act on Miley’s Bangerz tour, said Cyrus’s travelling roadshow is “professional with a huge crew and they are all so nice. Miley’s performance was so good and her voice was incredible.”

Miley Cyrus performs at Rod Laver Arena at 8pm on Friday.


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As Miley Cyrus left Auckland on Thursday to begin her Australian tour, she left some fans with a life-long memory.

The 22-year-old popstar spent the day out and about with her brother Braison Cyrus, personal assistant Cheyne Thomas and friend Lisa Marie – but she didn’t hesitate to pose for photos with her admirers, too.

‘I can’t believe I met her,’ super fan Shannon exclaimed in one tweet after her surreal experience.

‘She was super cute and nice … I’m so happy. She’s actually f****** amazing’ she continued in another post.

Ecstatic fans like Shannon also took to social media to share their excitement and impromptu snaps with the international star.

‘Thanks heaps for the photo! Hope you enjoyed you stay in New Zealand,’ Tom Mischewski kindly wrote next to his photo.

Normally clad in leotards and barely there costumes on stage, Miley was all covered up in a loose-fitting tan-coloured knit jumper and matching trousers, which featured flecks of black and white.

The controversial star might have been attempting to go unnoticed, also wearing a bucket hat and fifties-style sunglasses.

Miley later flew on a private jet to Melbourne, where she will begin the Aussie leg of her Bangerz tour on Friday night, at Rod Laver Arena.

When the starlet took to the stage at Vector Arena in Auckland on Wednesday night, she may have been a little nippy, choosing to cover up her skimpy outfits.

The pop star paired her very high-cut orange leather swimsuit with a fluffy jacket of the same shade as she performed at the opening night of her Bangerz Tour in New Zealand.

As she took to the stage to entertain the masses, the ex-girlfriend of Australian heartthrob Liam Hemsworth also rocked a yellow skintight crop top that showed off her taut stomach.

She paired it with a pair of high-cut, high-waisted matching bottoms and also added some yellow fur to complete the look.

Known for her love of twerking and tongue wagging, The Climb singer didn’t disappoint. Gyrating and rubbing up against her backing dancers, she showed just exactly why it’s called the Bangerz tour.

The former Disney poppet also grabbed her crotch throughout as she belted out her hit tunes.

Miley will perform her Bangerz tour in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

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The presence of controversial popstar Miley Cyrus in Auckland can only be good for Kiwi business.

Cyrus is in Auckland for a one-night-only show as part of her Bangerz tour.

The country’s tourism will benefit from Cyrus getting out and about in the city and posting New Zealand-related pictures and comments on social media.

Tourism New Zealand spokeswoman Deborah Gray said word of mouth and recommendations or endorsements from friends, family and celebrities was a “very powerful motivating factor” for people to visit New Zealand.

However, there was no way to quantify how much tourism Cyrus’s trip would bring to New Zealand, Gray said.

Celebrities posting or talking about their time in New Zealand on social media was “absolutely welcome” and was “positive messaging” for the country.

While it was difficult to quantify what effect Cyrus and other A-list celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry would have on New Zealand’s tourism market, it could help people make the decision to travel down under.