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amfAR LA Inspiration Gala in Hollywood – Arrivals (October 29th, 2014)

amfAR LA Inspiration Gala in Hollywood – Show (October 29th, 2014)

AmfAR LA Inspiration Gala In Hollywood – Portraits (October 29th, 2014)

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J.T. helped start the live auction off when he won a Damien Hirst painting for $80,000 followed by Rihanna taking home a pair of diamond Harry Winston earrings for $35,000. Miley Cyrus dropped a whopping $300,000 on a print of a naked woman by photographer Ryan McGinley after getting into bidding war with Rihanna and Ford.

Later, Cyrus, Rihanna and Ford donated another $200,000 each to the AIDS group.

“I’m a little drunk. That’s why I’m a half a million deep,” Cyrus said from the stage before talking about her new role as MAC Cosmetics’ new Viva Glam celebrity spokesperson.

“If I’m going to have a voice I would like to start an open dialogue about prevention and awareness and how people in the world have been effected by HIV and AIDS,” Cyrus said. “Hopefully, I could break down people’s walls that have been built up around sexuality. I’m obviously not too embarrassed to talk about these things, especially with young people.”

Paltrow then returned to the stage to introduce Rihanna, who presented Ford with his award (I’ll have more on that later).

“I’m drunk now so this isn’t fair,” Paltrow cracked. “And Miley Cyrus has so much more money than I do. What the f—k?”

The night ended with another surprise performance by Diana Ross.


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Stop the presses — Miley Cyrus is the new MAC Viva Glam Girl! The pop star will serve as 2015 spokesperson for the iconic campaign benefitting MAC’s AIDS fund that’s previously featured Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and many more.

What’s more is that Cyrus is eschewing her signature red shade in favor of a lustrous hot pink lipstick ($16), along with a matching lipglass with sparkling pink shimmer ($16). The superlative selling point: every cent of the selling price goes toward helping women, men, and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The products will hit shelves January 2015.

The first image from the campaign finds Cyrus wearing a Madonna-esq,ue jewel-encrusted bustier and new signature lip shade inside a mirrored, disco ball-lit room. Fitting, no?


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Wayne Coyne and Miley Cyrus have become good friends over the past year. Their shenanigans are documented all over Instagram, and they’ve collaborated on short films, performances, and new music. Most recently, Cyrus worked with Coyne and his band The Flaming Lips on their latest album With A Little Help From My Fwends, where they cover The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Although their close friendship seems unlikely with such an age difference, Coyne says they actually have a lot in common. In an interview with, Coyne dished on what it’s like working with Cyrus and what he admires about her.

“Last year, if there was a ‘person of the year,’ it was Miley Cyrus,” he told them. “I had a sense that she just didn’t give a f–k. She had so many people telling her how stupid she was, or how embarrassing she was. But also, she had a lot of people telling her how absolutely great she was. And I could tell that she was like, ‘I don’t give a f-k what people think.’ And to me, that’s when the power of music and art really starts to accelerate.”

He continued: “Because if you’re really trying to sell records, that’s a difficult area to play in. If you’re trying to be popular, that’s difficult. If you’re trying to be something other than yourself, you’re probably gonna lose. But I could tell with her, she’s like, ‘I’m just doing whatever the f–k I want and I don’t give a f–k what people think.’ And I think she knew that we were fans, and last year on my birthday she tweeted a happy birthday wish to me and said that I was one of her favorite artists, and I tweeted her right back. We just got each other’s numbers after that and became friends. I think if you were around her, after five minutes you’d go, ‘Oh, I get it.’ I don’t think I would have any fun being in the studio with someone that was surrounded by managers and handlers. She’s not like that at all. I think that most of the people that are going to want to be around me aren’t like that.”

He compared working with Cyrus to working with Kesha, noting that the power Cyrus has over her career and projects is much different than Kesha’s, who is works under the shadow of Dr. Luke, the producer she is currently suing.

“But Miley, in a sense, is like me in that she just does what she wants to do. She’s the boss, she’s not calling anybody saying, ‘Can I do a song with Flaming Lips?’ If she wants to do it, she just does it. And anybody that works for her says, ‘Great, let’s go do it!’ And I think her camp does not look at it as being absurd.”

Incase you weren’t convinced that Cyrus is as big of a weirdo as she makes herself out to be online, Coyne confirms that it isn’t an act.

“They know her, she’s a freak. I can tell you for sure, she’s a bigger freak than I am. You’d love her. I mean, if you were around her, the perception that people have, that would completely disappear, you’d just love her. She’s absolutely fun and full of love.”


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Miley Cyrus grabbed her crotch… for a cause. For once, the provocative star wasn’t being risqué for the sake of being risqué. Instead, she was taking part in a new cancer awareness campaign called “Feeling Nuts.”

The quote unquote challenge features celebrities, male and female alike, grabbing their crotch to encourage men to get themselves checked for testicular cancer. If discovered early enough, the disease is highly treatable.

Cyrus’ participation came after she was inspired by an amusing video Cara Delevingne created for the campaign.


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ARE you sick and tired of reading about Miley Cyrus’ tongue and butt?

I think we’ve all heard more than enough about her foul language, barely there costumes and explicit dance moves.

So, rather than regurgitate the same old thing reviewers have been saying for the past nine months of her Bangerz Tour, I propose a change of subject for her final stop on the journey.

While her body parts, choice words and eye-popping actions certainly did command a lot of attention on stage at Perth Arena last night, I reckon it’s about time we focused on and judged her for her craft, not the crazy antics that the likes of Madonna have been doing for the past 30 years.

Let’s clear this up straight off the bat — Miley Cyrus can really sing.

The brazen pop star has a rare and deep southern twang and she has no trouble belting out an impressive power note or two live.

Having been flooded with endless R-rated photos and wild details about Cyrus since that infamous MTV Video Music Awards performance with Robin Thicke, the only thing that shocked me about her packed Perth show was her incredible vocal range.

Cyrus sings raw and live, which is more than can be said of many in today’s industry, and it’s a shame that her genuine talent becomes lost in the utter madness of her gimmicks.

In fact, for the first couple of numbers, the half-spoken, half-rapped words are frustratingly lacklustre, but her voice soon gets a chance to shine with tunes such as Maybe You’re Right, FU and Adore You, and a string of brilliant covers including Lilac Wine, made famous by Jeff Buckley, and her godmother Dolly Parton’s hit Jolene.

Cyrus hurled an almighty force behind an absolutely spine-tingling rendition of Etta James’ I’ll Take Care of You — a definite highlight, which saw the stunned crowd erupt into a thunderous applause and turn to each other in shock, jaws agape.

But Cyrus isn’t just a gifted singer, she’s a clever girl, and she milks her headline-making madness for all it’s worth.

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Your favorite ’90s Halloween flick, “Hocus Pocus,” is getting a hypothetical reboot — via Miley Cyrus. The “Wrecking Ball” singer has gone ahead and dreamt up a new cast for the flick with a little help from her fwends.

Cyrus shared the below snap to Instagram this week, switching out the faces of The Sanderson sisters with her own mug (as Winifred), Wayne Coyne (as Sarah) and her assistant, Cheyne Thomas (as Mary).

We’re not exactly sure what a Miley-fied “Hocus Pocus” would look like, but we’d definitely be down to hear Miley and Wayne cover Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put A Spell On You,” like Bette Midler does in the flick.

Get on that, dudes. Your Beatles remake could be just the beginning. We’ll just be over here watching this “Hocus Pocus” supercut while you make that manifest…


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The moment is here! After millions of votes, we’ve officially entered the final round of MTV’s Homecoming King and Queen Bracket, and these match-ups could not be more intense.

You guys have been voting nonstop (like, seriously, nonstop — you’ve logged 20 million votes), and now it’s down to four: two finalists each in the respective men’s and women’s battles.

Going for the queen crown is non other than Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Demi’s Lovatics tore past her opponents throughout the tournament, beating out Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters to secure a spot in the final face-off.

As for Miley, the Smilers have been working hard to make sure their girl advances, as they beat out “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Bethany Mota and Fifth Harmony, and then inched past Emma Watson in the final minutes for a spot in the last round.

So who will rule the school? Well, that’s entirely in your hands. The final round of voting began Wednesday (October 22) and ends on Friday, October 24, when we announce the winners. You can help your fave take home the crown by voting as many times as you wish — and by spreading the message on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr using the hashtag #MTVHomecoming.


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